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Forum post of the day: Keep your E-sport out of the Battlegrounds {WoW}

Apr 24th 2008 12:27AM Personally I think the rating system for certain weapons and armor really hurts many players. I play BGs, raid, and do arena. The personal rating system is equivalent to telling a raiding guild they cannot wear a piece of tier 6 because they cannot kill some boss fast enough or were the 25th guild on the server to down the boss, so they dont qualify.

Just get rid of the rating system. If someone has the dedication to accumulate the points for some of the gear, let them have it!

Why are people leaving WoW? {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 1:24AM Well I can tell you why I left:
1. Tired of farming many hours a week for potions
2. tedious faction grinds
3. just the same old same old. glad I didnt get a TBC beta key. I at least got a month out of my purchase.

TBC also tore my guild apart trying to set up 10 man runs. Sure I miss the game and the friends I still have there, but moving on is natural. There are plenty of new and challenging games out or on the way.

What mightget me back into WoW is if they trivialized the potion requirement. I no longer want to apply for the part time job again and farm for potions.

I have reached the belief that I should be able to log into the game and run a dungeon/raid using my skill and organization. Not how many hours I spent farming the same weeds over and over.

Breakfast Topic: What should Nihilum do now? {WoW}

Jun 10th 2007 1:59PM They would be bored in LOTR. Only one raid dungeon coming next week. The impression in LOTR is the end game wont be the same raiding end game as it is WoW. Hopefully all the WoW kids will stay in WoW until WAR comes. Its rather nice only having a few in game.

The pacing of the new endgame {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 3:22PM Maybe because its fun :)

Does the industry need to give WoW competition? {WoW}

May 17th 2007 12:54PM Saying Blizzard is highly innovative is going way too far. Blizzard knows how to polish a game and market it very well.

WoW will remain the leading MMO for quite some time, but like all games they become boring and we put them on the shelf. Its just a matter of time.

I dont think WAR will be a wow killer because it caters to the PVP crowd. I think the population of players playing wow will fragment to different games as there really isnt an all in one game that is easy to play like WoW on the horizon.

Breakfast Topic: I quit! {WoW}

Dec 16th 2006 3:38PM I will stick around WoW for a little while longer. My friends are playing WoW, so I play WoW. I am no longer excited about WoW. It really needs something more than PvP, faction grinding, and raiding.

The expansion will be nice for a little while, but it is nothing revolutionary. I am glad I didnt play beta because I would be bored whent he expansion came out.

Based on Blizzards track record so far I wouldnt expect another expansion for quite some time and that will be the reason I leave. I dont want to be sutck in a faction grind and forced to raid nonstop again just to progress or have something to do. I truely hope they can find a good balance for the end game at level 70.

I plan on giving WoW 6-8 months after the expansion and then moving on to another MMO such as LOTR. However, if my friends would all decide to quit tomorrow I wouldnt be sad :)

Last thing is I think Blizzard has taken their success and are developing into the arrogant and contemptful developers that is a common trait of SOE.

Honor gain reduced by 30% {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 4:37PM The change just benefits the players who can devote huge amounts of time to pvp.

Prior to today I was getting about 1k honor per day. That would take me about 20 days to get the chest piece. Dont think that is unreasonable. When I raided hardcore in ZG, AQ20, MC, and BWL in one week I had far more chances at getting gear.

I think this change is a real slap in the face of the more levelminded players who dont or cant spend 10 hours a day pvping. Good job Blizzard!

The E-Ho game {WoW}

Dec 11th 2006 10:04PM I have had the pleasure of only meeting one in WoW. Good thing she is gone as she had really pissed off the other women in the guild.

I think the worst was this guy in SWG that pretended to be an E-ho for almost 2 years. Got away with it too lol had all the credits and gear rolling in. Even used software to make his voice sound more feminine on teamspeak. What people will do for the attention.

Are PVP weapons and armor too cheap? {WoW}

Dec 11th 2006 4:10PM The old system was broken and required more time invested than any other aspect of the game. I do feel sorry for those who put the time in for rank 14 although I think it was spent unwisely.

The new system still requires time invested. Instead of raiding people are spending many hours pvping to get these rewards. Need a more detailed time comparison, but is it conceivable to acquire an epic in 10 hours of raiding and GM epic in 10 hours of pvping.

The only change in value I would like to see is with regards to the blues. They require too many tokens with respect to the amount of honor required for them. Bottom line they are not worth the investment of tokens and honor.

The onset of expansion burnout {WoW}

Nov 9th 2006 3:02PM I think it is lack of interest and burnout. We have been playing this game for just about 2 years. In the last year the majority of content has been for raiding or grinding. That gets old for players of all types.

We had been hanging on waiting for the expansion to hit, but the delay essentially exposed the boredom and burnout with WoW many of us have.

In addition there are very few if any competitive alternatives to WoW at the moment. We dont have anywhere to go for our MMO fix and we are just stuck in WoW. I personally have tried EQ2 and its not a bad game, but I just cant get into it.

The issue I hope Blizzard is addressing is how long after the expansion will we become bored with the Burning Crusade. i suspect they will have to accelerate the development time and change the size of the future expansions/content.

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