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Breakfast Topic: Achievements and you {WoW}

Nov 17th 2009 9:38AM Achievements, more or less, ruined the game for me.. Let's see:

1) You have the "if i have a lot of money, i can do this" kind of achievements. This covers achievements like: get an expensive mount (8.5k), get an expensive ring (8k), buy all the mounts you can find, etc

2) You have the "kill boss X while equipping red underwear, under the influence of curry and only if it is full moon" achievements. Definitely better than the previous category

3) You have the "do some totally useless stuff" achievements. This covers the /love critters, kill pests, feed penguins, kill turkeys, etc. Not so tough to achieve, but kind pointless

And then you have the morons, who managed to kill a boss once and now they think that they can solo everything in the universe, and they require the achievement even for a simple naxx-10 run

Achievements are a nice concept. They allow us to track our progress, but they also make our lives very very difficult if we decide to change mains. Vanilla -> BC and BC -> WoLTK it was only about gear (and maybe reps / professions). But gear would become irrelevant after 5 levels and you only had to think: ahm, i m changing main, here goes the Timbermaw rep...

Now, supposing your main is at about 6k achievement points, how easy would it be for you to switch to a DK (or something else) and start from 20 achievement points?

The game is slowly moving into an easy-mode game (tbh, i don't have a problem with this). Couldn't Blizzard make the achievements an "account" property and not a "character" property? I don;t see the reason why all my chars need to buy the 25 non-combat pets, etc. If one of my chars managed to be become exalted with 30 factions, make this an account achievement and let's move on

Breakfast Topic: Grandma Loves Her World of Warcraft {WoW}

Nov 9th 2006 9:29AM We have a 51-52 years old warrior in the guild, but besides that rest of the people are in the range of 20-40.
We also have some dad/son combinations, and sometimes we need to beg dad on Teamspeak, in order to allow the son to keep raiding (when it's getting late)