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The Shattering: A patch 4.0.3a roundup {WoW}

Nov 24th 2010 2:58AM Has no one noticed that Isle of conquest is totally fooked and getting worse by the minute, why is this BG even in rotation.

First of all don't go to the hangar, any ride on the blimps is an insta-death. Secondly, if u take down the horde west gate, you get the giant bugged pink wall of go fook yourself, impassible and ridiculous, why even allow us to take down the gate in the first place? LAstly, if u do manage to get a catapault and get inside the horde keep, the boss is lvl fricken 85, and no mater how big and bad you think your tank may be, i have yet to see a tank successfull do it, hell the area spell the final boss does insta-kills your healers anyway so why even fricken try.

Only way to win Isle of conquest at the point is a full on kill or be killed deathmatch. I mean why even have goals in the first place when taking them is meaningless anyway... Every Isle of conquest i get sucked into like a black whole of crap, I just tell everyone to kill the horde and have done with it, even though they all never believe me till the very fricken end when they are trying to push thru the pink wall of go fookyourself, while bitching and moaning about all the bugs I told them about 15 mins earlier.

Someone tell blizz already for gods sake, cause i've tried but their stupid ass forums don't work anymore caus they obviously don't give a crap.

Yeah, right now i'm full of hate, why dont' u just bite me!

Breakfast Topic: The reason for the seasonal achievements {WoW}

Nov 16th 2010 12:30PM I love the achievements, they give me a chance to aim for a specific goal while completing certain Bgs/Heroics/etc, but i don't really actively pursue them unless the opportunity arises. I especially love the BG achievements, of course I just love BGing in general. My favorite achievement accomplishment came just a few days after the release of 4.0.1. I randomed an AB and got Overly Defensive and Arathi Basin All-Star in one BG(neither of which I ever thought I'd get since people are usually so quick on the flags) because pretty much everyone was so freaked out about how different their toons played they completely forgot about Flag turn overs, so in between healing my fighting team, I just kept turning over the nearest flags and boom. I think the best part for me is that I wasn't even trying for it, I was just trying to help us win. Which we did, Go TEAM!