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WoW Archivist: Talisman of Binding Shard, the lost legendary {WoW}

May 24th 2011 9:46PM Blizzard had stated a few years ago that there was one (and only one) quest that had never been found. I never heard any announcement saying that someone had finally found it.

Blizzard: No triple spec on the horizon, but it's not ruled out {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2011 9:01PM As a shaman, I want tri-spec because I like to heal in pvp, rdps in dungeons, and mdps when questing.

Cataclysm annotated map adventure {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 4:11PM Looked at the one for Tanaris, then decided that I want to see this all in-game for myself. The Tanaris one is definitely quite good though, and made me very excited to get there on one of my new alts. A small taste of what the zones have to offer mixing nostalgia with the new, and giving us that wonderful dose of geek culture that we love from blizzard

The Queue: I am serious about that last question {WoW}

Nov 17th 2010 4:19PM Does the newly released comic "World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen" contain cataclysm spoilers? It popped up in my comic file, but I can't bring myself to read it, as I want to experience the worgen starting zone as unspoiled as i possibly can.