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Breakfast Topic: Are you happy with the new races? {WoW}

Mar 6th 2011 9:50AM I have not tried a Goblin yet. But the Worgen start is OK. The time line seems cramped as it only seems to petrain to wild worgen and the undead atk on the homeland. So the quest line is more 'focused' but OK. Better than thinning this race/beast and then still have as many after ya kill a hundred running around!

As for animations, they are OK EXCEPT for running wild. With a 1.5 sec cast time (mounting time) the animation really LACKS. You go on all 4's long before the end of cast and I frequnetly interupt it! need to be something like transforming animation where the animation ends when the cast is finishing. However, as said, animations and developement was lacking/falling behind with Worgen compaired to Goblin!

As for the starting zone, it's DEAD after you are dumped in NE area! no mention of the above settlement. It's just a dead zone and as a race/kingdom, I don't think we saved much so it seems as a failure! no real home, few worgen NPC's. Most are inside a heroic and do nothing! I really hope they do something with home area. Or find a place where we can call a home! In Org, each class have an area AND an AH/bank!!

Shifting Perspectives: Do restoration druids need a cooldown? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2011 2:28PM Well 1st, As a priest with an Alt Druid, my priest does not have 3k (guess, figure it's a lot more) per sec HoTs rolling on the tank like a Druid has! Yes I can decrease incomming damage but the HoT's constant healling EVEN if stunned is really a good mechanic! I understand from when I heal on my Druid that I DO miss a damage reduction CD, however, the Hots and instant casts that can be cast while moving is a BIG bomus. 3 LB's, rej and when needed Swiftment and nature's swifed Healing Touch are nice abilities. The speed of being able to heal that much that fast is pritty awsome AND can do this running.

The Barkskin ability could be tied to a restro TP like swiftmend. Could make it castable on someone else however increase it's CD to 2.5 min (or some balancing time frame, rember that HoT's are still rolling!!!!) Helps PvP and PvE uses. ALSO this makes it so Cats and Boomkins DO NOT have to do this!

[Thomas Prescott Feb 22nd 2011 8:55PM
We need one.

The most popular solution, actually, is to change Nature's Swiftness to have a 2 minute CD, and after healing someone with a instant cast spell from Nature's Swiftness, the target takes X% less damage for Y seconds. Also redesign Glyph of Healing Touch to something other then reducing NS's CD.

This is a CD I believe! A HUGE instant heal? Although adding the damage reduction would make it way more powerful than PS that does nothing else.]

[Twill Feb 23rd 2011 3:20AM
Another reason Barkskin on tanks is bad:

Tranquility needs a way to not be gimped. If we are attacked while channeling it, the duration is cut short.]

Dude, same thing with Our Hymn, AND I have had penance loose the third cast if I am being hit!! It's a channeling thing. Sry.ALSO, you CAN barkskin tranq and loose no cast time!

[Keeva Feb 22nd 2011 9:54PM
Many people hate Efflorescence because it makes you "waste" your emergency heal (such as it is) in order to get some AOE healing. And on the flip side, if you use Swiftmend as an emergency heal, you "waste" the potential AOE healing because it's only on the tank. I don't see it that way. I see options, choices, strategy (though I still wish it could be a little stronger/cheaper). I don't see a wasted emergency heal. And so with a shareable Barkskin - I see options, not a ball and chain that forces us to suffer in order to help the tank.

I know that some people would scorn me for wishing "nerfs" on us - but this is how I play, and what I enjoy. I love bringing utility. I would love something brand new, but if shareable Barkskin is what we get, then I will be thrilled.]

See that Druids have TWO emergency healz and as a Disc Priest I have a shield (BIG part of healing strat that heals a LITTLE) or the big CD PS. Swiftmend is a short CD.

I feel shamans have the biggest need for a Tank saving CD giving druids do have tools avalible. Druids may need something; however, that AoE healing, rebirth, healing while moving, innervate, AND several very swift heaning abilities (Nat Swiftness, Swiftmend, Tree Form/regrowth) makes them a HUGE boost to a

[aramis Feb 22nd 2011 10:16PM
Great post Alli

As I suggested on Lissanna's blog... we CAN have a targetable Barkskin and one for ourselves...

Much in the way that we have Nature's Grasp and Entangling Roots. Two different spells with the same effect; one we buff ourselves with, the other we cast on other enemy targets.

The same could be done for a barkskin-like spell that we could use exclusively on other players while our own Barkskin ability is left as self-cast only.]

OK, and Priests can PS 2 targets?? I can shield 2 targets; however, it is VERY mana inefficient if it is NOT all absorbed!; actualy, pritty bad atm with the last nerf bat.

[Hih Feb 23rd 2011 12:01AM
A CD that does "more healing" is useless when the tank is getting one shot on a heroic raid boss and you need a cooldown on them that either saves their life flat out (GS) or brings the hit to a manageable level (PS, PW:B and HoS). We don't need a CD that does "more healing". We have two of those already. We need a save the tank/raid from massive damage cd in order for there to be a reason to bring a Druid/Shaman over more Priests/Paladins.]

Druids are too much of a COMPLEMENT to priests/pali healer not to be wanted. . If I PS/Shield it's the druid that quicly heals them. There should be something they do but it's not like they will be dropped currently. Balancing classes would mean that the Druid damage mitigater would be weaker (but effective) since they have strong quick healing. Such as Disc shields and Holy heals larger amounts. Also, GS from a H priest dosn't reduce damage, so if not barkskin type ability, maybe a Soulsaving seed like GS!

I am not saying that they don't need something, I feel that shamans need a faster fix! Heroisn, MAGE, or BM hunter! Mana Tide, say Innervate/PoHope. And I don't even play a shaman, but see thier complaints.

Raid Rx: 7 pet peeves of healers {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2011 2:01PM This is a big pet peeve since Cats. My mana is a scarce resource that I BUY water/punck/coffee to replace. I will heal DURING fights when you can't eat. HOWEVER, after, ya better bring some food. You expect me to heal and drink and waist my gold when you shoulda brought your own food?

Locks CAN be the worst, but most know to Soul harvest. I don't really mind a renew/rejev (depending on what toon I am playing) but more that that, it's ByF (Bring your own Food) or water.

So Eat cake or what ever ya brought!

I hate that we can't heal SOME (understand we need to make it something we need to think about) like we used to. I know lag and stuff happens; however, we really need to prioritize healz and you need to MOVE or w/e. Soon our gear will improve and we will again be able to heal the opps some.

I do not expect DPS to heal, but do what ya can to avoid as much damage as ya can. And after, I also need to loot and drink, so you also need to eat/drink to get ready for next fight.

Along with the tanks who don't check healers mana, those that afk after every fight are annoying also.

I also have DPS and meet healers who yell GoGoGo all the time. between tanks knowing thier Q's are short and Healers which are Ok also, they still are used to just getn it done.

I had a healer, and checked his gear, he had no enchants, no gems, 1 dps piece. I asked why and he said I have 3 other 80's and I know how to heal. LoL, after 4 wipes, he left. The tank hept dieing and I was helping with Tranq and self healin. (Was playing boomkin). There are a lot who ya need to just say WTF?!?!?!?!?
I know haw hare WITH gems and chants is WHY?

Shifting Perspectives: If moonkin could fly {WoW}

Nov 20th 2010 2:14PM Come on, it's for the Moonkin DANCE!!! I started with a Spriest, then leveled boomkins. I am a caster at heart.

But I have to agree, Tree Form should have stayed and boomkin changed. They wanted Restro to be able cast damage spells; however, the new Tree Form ya CAN still cast damage spells!?!? I remember being shifted out of boomkin casting MotW or even decursing! In PvP, they made boomkin to up armour, but you really need to shift out against casters. boomkin offers little against them so you need your heals. Seems to make more sence to make it a proc of mele hits with okinfrenzy. The Boomkin form looses apeal since ya gota heal so much. So making it a CD activation would make it more reasonable.

The Arcane thing is game mechanic, and 'Balance' uses the balance between nature and not pure arcane power. hay, Spriests 'heal' with shadow magic!

The new 'mechanic' I like better than the old system. may not be perfict, but better. They need to look at the mastery thing, we may really get hurt in the LV 85 scaling.

Also, I agree they 'homogilized' the game to where having a boomkin is not that appealing. With 1 Rebirth a raid, just take a restro and someone else to fill dps. We do offer utility with 2 cc's plus a new silince effect. But our dps will be lacking. to the one with all classes have CC, Ummm, Spriests!! Only on undead or the 2% short stun proc!

The Troll druids do pose a unique problems! Or an oppertunity to fix?

Nice questions, good article. Hope we get some developer help!

The evolution of zerg dungeon farming {WoW}

Nov 19th 2010 2:52PM Very good article.

I think one thing missed is that we are on our THIRD badge system (not counting JP's since they give same gear) since these Heroics were released! And some have been Nurfed to boot! Such as less trash in Old Kingdom which could cauz wipes when Pulled.

As stated, with very welled geared players still running Heroics, less geared players can be carried. My 5.8 GS Disc Priest can keep a 2.5 GS tank up which makes even smooth runs for new tanks. Those who do pull can kill it easy with little help from me. Even to the point I kept a non-Frost mage up with 2 mele on him. Being the third round of gear upgrades and nerfed dungeons; ya gota introduce some FUN like Zerging.

Even if our levels have not changed, were on the third Tier of Gear imrovements.