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Blizzard releases Cataclysm system requirements {WoW}

Nov 20th 2010 5:32PM As of 4.0.3 patch my 4 yr old system gets about 30-40 fps in crowded areas and 25 mans but had to overclock my cpu from 2.2ghz to 2.7ghz to improve performance framerate in 25 man raids.

The game settings are all set to lowest except view distance (good), projected textures (on) and resolution (1080p).

cpu amd x2 939 (opteron 185 @1.8) oc @2.7ghz
2GB ram
8600gt nivida 256GB

also recently added a 128GB SSD card and noticed much faster load times

I'm happy with my current system and don't plan on upgrading soon (unless I get a raise at work).