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Know Your Lore: The curious dissonance of Alliance leveling {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 6:27PM Everyone keep say that blizzard made Malfurion into a neutral leader but by a Lore point, you can easy say that he was always a neutral since he was asleep between W3TF and WOW(aka when the Night Elves join the Alliance). Another thing that point to this, is that the Cenarion Circle, the group of druid that was wake when the night elf join the alliance are a neutral faction and Malfurion is the leader of the group. Malfurion was the one who start train horde Taurans as druids(Hamuul Runetotem) and allow him to Cenarion Circle before return to the Emerald Dream. Who is to say that the Night Elf would join the Alliance if Malfurion was awake and in control at the start of WOW? It seem he was more in favor of stay neutral and Tyrande(in her hotheadedness at the horde deforesting WSG) and\or Fandral( in his power garbs) lead the night elves into the alliance.

The Queue: April Lovefool's Day {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 3:57PM Crabby is back on the world of warcraft page and if you click on him he will put on different hats.

Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 11:24AM "Valor will come primarily from dungeons (including challenge modes) and scenarios. You might earn a little from daily quests and raiding as well, but that won't be as efficient."

Raiders won't be getting that much valor anymore. Right now, Blizzard is think that Valor won't getting you any new equipment, rather Valor will be use to increase the iLevel of your gear.

The Queue: Thank the ancestors {WoW}

Mar 25th 2012 3:34PM I went back and screen though the interviews. It wasn't ghostcrawler but Cory Stockton:

The question that he start talking about account-wide thing begin at 4:45

The Queue: Thank the ancestors {WoW}

Mar 25th 2012 3:13PM During one of wowhead's press event interview, one of the Dev(I think it was Gery Street) said that pets and achievements will be account-bound at release if this is with patch 5.0 or MOP I don't know. Mount on the other will not be account wide at release but if pet and achvievement are a good fit for the game, Mounts will follow shortly.

Debunking the "WoW is better for online dating than dating sites" story {WoW}

Mar 24th 2012 12:40AM "14.9% of WoW players are single"

This also work against their theory also giving that after rounding down this mean only 1 out of every 10 is single, Warcraft Census give my server pop at ~8000 character.

So 800 characters are single, give the demographic survey gave that college student state that female players was 25% gives 600 Characters play by Male Single Players to 200 Character play by Female Single Players.

Like out the whole LGBT angle of this argument out, now have 7.5% try to comb though 90% of my server try to find the other 2.5% and We haven't even cover how many of these are alts.

When you add that the single player that would turn to WOW to find love is more likely to be that stereotypical anti-social gamer, The chance of this 800 tree find one other rather Straight or LGBT is low with a forest of 7200 stand in the way, compare to a date site with no forest.

Mists of Pandaria Beta: New Ragefire Chasm video {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 11:12AM I do see a little retconned being that in the low level of Cata, he kill one of his general for kill the inocents and by the end of MOP, he going to be cometing war crimes!?! But it not that have a different intention on his out come, blizzard have been plan to remove him as War chief since before Cata. It may have been that they had its plan that He would step down for Thrall return but see that would not fit Garrosh's new character, they have start his reconned to give a reason for his removal by both faction since Varian we will have by the end of MOP wouldn't have a problem with a thrall-like war chief and though the orcs want a more war like war chief, they will never allow themselves to be slaves to the blood corrupting and the daemons again.

Have Group, Will Travel replaced with faster flight paths, flask "Chug-A-Lug" perk removed {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2012 3:08PM We don't what the feast is, but we do know that you get it once you finish one of the new cooking specialised

World of Warcraft Monopoly money features heroes on the bills {WoW}

Mar 15th 2012 11:01AM The Landmass seem to be basic on the faction not the leader itself and horde are mostly basic in Kalimdor and alliance is Eastern Kingdom. This is why the one dollar bill have both since Pandas can be both.

Early Mists of Pandaria talents and PvP {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 3:57PM It not a update to the Tauren model, But it is a update to the Taunka model. And since the Taunka and Tauren old model look so much alike it might be a good indicator to what a new Tauren model may look like.