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Why is Blizzard still OK with gender inequality in World of Warcraft? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 5:38PM The problem with this line of thinking is that when you're not part of the group, ACTUALLY part of the group, you are not queued up to perceive this.

It is similar to:
a white person telling a black person there is no racism
a straight person telling a gay person there is no homophobia
a Christian telling a Jew that there is no religious discrimination

no different than a man telling a women there is no gender bias.

Members of minority groups have to live with the very real reality in which they face this type of thing every single day. This is slightly off topic, but awhile ago there was a post on WoW Insider about homophobia, blah blah, and a lot of people in that thread indicated that there was no sexuality in the game. Many people commented saying that of course there is, there are married characters and children in the game. But because the original posters were not capable of recognizing what was in front of their eyes, they never noticed that there WAS a biased, because to them, that bias was completely normal.

What every brand new WoW player should know {WoW}

Mar 15th 2012 4:21PM Use the Auction House when appropriate. Vendoring stacks of copper, tin and bronze bars because you don't understand the auction house is NOT how you make gold. Live and learn. haha

Winners and losers of Cataclysm {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 6:47PM I've said this before, and I HOPE that I'm right, but there were only three zones left mostly untouched by cata revamps. Silithus, Dustwallow Marsh and Arathi Basin. We KNOW that Theramore is likely to be destroyed. The developers likely did not want to put that much effort into creating a new story if it wasnt' going to exist an expansion later. Further, there is the little problem of the Forsaken just doing whatever they want in the Northern Eastern Kingdoms. The Dwarves don't seem ready to push back, and the Forsaken have just begun expanding into the zone. Now, if Blizzard is telling us the truth, and we are going to go headfirst into a war between the factions, Arathi is as likely a place to fight as any, probably more likely by virtue of pushing back against the Forsaken.

Keeping this in mind, one of the last few Human Kingdoms is in Arathi, Stromgarde. It's a hot mess right now, full of ogres and the Syndicate, not to mention the Prince of Stromgarde is now Forsaken. However, Danath Trollbane is just hanging out in the keep at Honor Hold, doing nothing, but a bum. It is my hope that Blizzard is going to restore Stromgarde, and allow the Alliance a fighting shot in Arathi.

Just my take I know, but I can be hopeful.

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Chris Metzen's curious tweets {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 4:36AM For the love of god, if they don't bring Alleria back.... I'm going to set something on fire.

WoW's 18 easiest achievements {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 10:53PM I'm hoping that Arathi is going to get the Theramore treatment. It seems as though Theramore is going to be destroyed to make way for the Horde v. Alliance conflict. Like Arathi, Dustwallow marsh was never upgrade during Cata. I'm hoping that giving the Horde's push in Kalimdor, that the Alliance will push back in Arathi. Danath Trollbane is just wasting away in Honor Hold. A rebuilding of Stromgrade would finally be something, anything, to push back against the Forsaken in Lorderon. That's my hope at least. Right now, Arathi is a wasted zone, screaming for some love. And without some sort of push in the future in Arathi, the Forsaken will be marching into the Dwarfen lands soon

Heart of the Aspects video and giveaway {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 11:44AM comment for lootz

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: FigurePrint Statue {WoW}

Dec 19th 2011 8:05PM oh, i need this so good