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Gold Capped: How to make money from leatherworking {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2011 9:20AM Really? Now depending on what you mean by not selling well, on my server my maxed scribe makes an average of 10-15k of gold per week. Now mind you, I have every learnable glyph and I post 2 of almost all of them every other day, keeping away from the ones that get posted by levelers for next to nothing and some of the lvl 25 entry-level ones. With my server being what it is, most of these toon are alts and have mains with funds to support them, I have no problem selling the rare ones for 250 gold a pop (my current limit - though some of my competitions max is as high as 400) There is still plenty of money out there.

The Queue: I've got TB on my mind {WoW}

Jul 19th 2011 12:18PM Nope tuberculosis is Tb. Only the first letter is capitalized.

Gold Capped: How to flip Books of Glyph Mastery {WoW}

Jun 1st 2011 11:10AM Personally I think blizzard needs to leave inscription alone. They haven't made all the enchanter spells readily available. You still have to farm dailies if you want all your northrend jewelcrafter cuts. Cloth patterns still require grinding rep to obtain as do some alchemy recipes. It's bad enough we didn't get any new glyphs this expansion (the one warrior glyph was available before cata dropped - the rest were updates/upgrades/nerfs to glyphs we had already learned.) The new items learned - relics and darkmoon cards... oh and the origami rock (why?) Served us well to level and then what? Other crafters have the opportunity to learn more, make more new stuff. My leathercrafter has 4 pages of learnable gear to make, at a cost... heavy savage leather that I either farmed or paid for. What are they doing to scribes? Because of the QQ they are going make all the recipes available with just a daily cooldown. Leave the books alone. Yes there is a flippable market, but maybe the personal who posted it actually posted it right on target, why deny them the chance to make some gold? They will need every copper once they hit 80. Taking away the books or making them obsolete will kill inscription. There will no longer be a limiting factor that every other creating craft has. Currently for other crafts that is maelstrom crystals, chaos orbs or daily cooldowns. For glyphs the limiting factor is the books. The rarity of the item is what makes it valuable. If every scribe can make every glyph where will the value be? You won't have to run a heroic to get the parts, nor do you have break apart valuable gear or are limited by making just one a week. Every scribe will be able to make everything and that will make it valueless on the market. So unless Blizzard decides to add more items or limit the way we make things, players who are scribes will soon have the poorest income earning potential. And before anyone thinks we overcharge, remember we need to sell 200 -100gp glyphs to purchase the same shiney gear someone selling 5 pieces of high end crafted gear, in the end the outlay for the mats ends up the same. I know enough after reading this column, that the market will adjust itself and enough scribes will drop the profession to make it worth doing again. In the mean time all will suffer and QQing will be worse.

WRUP: Meanwhile, in the other universe ... {WoW}

May 8th 2011 12:27PM Am so tired of the monopoly Apple has on the market these days, with all of the viruses and data worms it just kills gameplay when you have to run a scanner in the background at all times. I think I'm going to finally have to get one of those Windows machines. I'm so worried though, its such a small niche market will I enjoy the games they have? And what about all the programs I use at work... Apple Office and Safari Explorer? Does Macrohard really have the chops to compete against a corporate monster like Apple? I do have to say though this new music player - they call it a Zune... Apple is going to have to really work hard to get on this bandwagon. As long as I can play WOM... world of minecraft things will be good.

WRUP: Meanwhile, in the other universe ... {WoW}

May 8th 2011 12:09PM Finally working on leveling my DPS toons thanks to guild runs and dailys. Both my resto shammy and healadin are raid ready, but my mage, lock and DK still need to have their numbers tweaked with better gear. Would like to see the new ATI/AMD graphic drop in price a bit more and the drivers stabilize before I get it. Would prefer stability and durability over cutting edge.

Breakfast Topic: How are you managing your alts? {WoW}

Apr 15th 2011 2:30PM My five mains are all at 85 and other 10 alts across 2 servers are in various stages of progress. My Paly and Shammy are heals, my mage and lock burn and blow things up and my DK has people following him as he makes mobs try to kill him. It's all a mood thing I like healing the best and the RDF wait has not been kind to my dps guys. On top of that unless I'm with guildies DK tanking doesn't happen all that often. Below those guys is a lvl 41 hunter bank alt, a lvl 42 priest who is unsure if he wants to go shadow or heal and a tauren druid moon-kitty. My lvl 39 worgan mage and lvl 31 dwarf shockadin were suppose to sit in the alliance and goblin ah but the new stories have driven me from location to location

Gold Capped: Profiting with tailoring {WoW}

Apr 15th 2011 1:44PM @ Basil,

I've read your most of your columns and am 1/5 th the way to gold capped on my scribe alone. It's your articles that drew me to the wow insider in the first place.

@ Everyone else,

While netherweave bags have been my consistent bread and butter, I've made some decent gold selling abyssal bags especially now that they are no longer just shard bags but 22 slot regular BoE. Currently the spellweave and shadowweave mats are cheaper than the volatiles and embersilk cloth on my server. That and my wrath leftovers across all of my alts have been put to good use. A few shouts in trade on a weekend earns me 350 - 400 gold per bag. Not sure how long that will be the case especially with less people dumping their old wrath mats into the ah, but at this point there is still profit to be made.

Blizzard issues Call to Arms clarification {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 5:25PM I suppose we could always go back to realm pugs only. Eliminate the RDF altogether then we won't have to worry about QQ'ing about tanks or dps that suck cause they'll be on your realm and you can tell them yourself and not worry about running with them again.

Patch 4.1: New Wailing Caverns layout unveiled {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 8:58AM Wow how much hand holding does blizzard thinks we need? Quests are so streamlined we can't go off the beaten path, dungeon quests are handed to us at the entrance and now the dungeon itself has been neutered. Why don't they just leave a lit path to follow... wait they already did that for me in ashenvale. Ok then might as well make maraudon a straight line while they are at it and dire maul a spiral down cause we'll need the challenge by then. And let's not forget to make end content uber tough cause we are ready for that challenge thanks to the path we followed.

4.1 PTR patch notes updated for April 7 {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 8:34AM This phase of bad tanks will only last until the driven ones get their new pet, or mount or whatever sparkley shiny blizzard decides to drop. A few people might roll a healer. Can't wait to start kicking sad tanks at the last boss.