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Blue Posts: Ghostcrawler on bear damage, tanking philosophy {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 4:15AM I want Combat Rogues to become the new kitty/bear…

Meaning, they can go either dps (kitty) or tank (bear)…

We can wait an expansion or two to feel our way into the tanking thing before we get converted to a four-spec class…! ;^p

Encrypted Text: The lazy combat build, part 2 {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 9:09PM I put together a PuG on a 3/8 lockout, spamming Trade Chat for folks who wanted to help some rogues clear trash & get their rings…

Trade Chat was NOT friendly while I was getting this together, you know what arses Trade Chat can be sometimes…! But perseverance netted my self & 6 other rouges rings that night, and then I got back on Trade Chat and blasted the naysayers for being giant poo-poo heads for awhile…

And once i got my ring charged, and had my new daggers in my hands, I realized I would need another 5k gold to gem & enchant them! (I only had the 10k gold for the ring charge saved up at the time) And THEN I realized I needed to get at least 2 Delicate Queen's Garnet gems for my full-on legendaries…!

Right now, I am sitting at 253/333; all by my organizing PuGs that have only one Rogue (me…!) and usually going 5/8 weekly. I had 2 or 3 crappy weeks in there where I went 1/8 or 0/8, for various reasons. Dark times for a Rogue looking for Shadowy Gems!

Hopefully, tonight I have a shot at getting into a 8/8 group; so 8 bosses worth of Shadowy Gems AND a title…?!? And I don't have to herd 9 petulant players thru my PuG night, usually with the group roster changing several times thru the evening…?!?

Yes, please…! ;^p

(I raid in the middle of the night, so some folks whine about sleep and other nonsense)

Encrypted Text: The lazy combat build, part 2 {WoW}

Mar 29th 2012 8:02AM No…!!!

Always use Revealing Strike at 4 combo points! If SS procs and generates an extra combo point, then either go straight for the Eviscerate, use those 5 points to refresh SnD or use them for some Recuperate love.

Otherwise, the standard Combat Rogue rotation is SS (to generate CPs) > SnD > SS (to 4 CP) > RS (always at 4 CP, NEVER before) > Evis

Repeat until mob/boss falls over dead; with assorted CDs & utility moves thrown in as needed/available/applicable. (Like on The Boat, you should be Dismantling the Dreadblades whenever you have the chance)

I also like to switch my Thrown from Wound to Crippling for The Boat, because I use a macro to nail the Sappers down when they drop on deck. (/tar Twilight Sapper > Throw > KS > FoK) That usually slows him down a step, until I can run over and spam SS all over his arse! Dump the 'extra' CPs into refreshing SnD and then back to cleaving (BF) on the Dreadblade & Slayer.

Keep the Combat-centric articles coming! Combat is all I will ever play as a Rogue, because it is what I think of when I think Rogue; a basic hardcore, ass-kicking light fighter. I SO wish Blizz would see the light and make the Combat spec follow the path of the feral druid, with its split of kitty/dps & bear/tank roles. I do not necessarily want the Combat Rogue spec to turn into a straight tanking spec, but having the option of tanking in a true clutch moment would be kinda nice!

I am also hoping that Blizz can make some adjustments to the transmog rules, and allow Combat Rogues to tmog their OH daggers into one-handed axe/mace/swords! My Latro's Flurry sword set (Second sweetest swords in BC, right after the Warglaives) is dying to come out into the light of day again, even in a supporting role as a tmog 'pattern'.

The Queue: Written pandaren {WoW}

Mar 20th 2012 12:51PM Hey Blizz, you want people out in the world…?!?!

Easy fix, make Trade Chat available EVERYWHERE, but put a toggle/radio button on the chat window, so one can turn it off when raiding and such…

Why Trade Chat…? Well, why does one USUALLY hang around Stormwind all night…? Because one just might be looking for a PuG (these [Shadowy Gem]s don't collect themselves), and one CANNOT spam Trade Chat while 'out in the world'…!!!

If I could get out in the world, do some fishing for Seafood Feast mats, do some mining for ores to sell, grind out my 25 dailies, etc., AND still be monitoring/spamming Trade Chat to either get into or get together a PuG… Well, that would be AWESOME…!!!

Breakfast Topic: What would be your biggest Mists of Pandaria surprise? {WoW}

Mar 18th 2012 9:35AM All Legendaries now scale with characters level; unlocked via short quest chains & a modest gold sink (10k?)…

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: New race and class combos not guaranteed {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 7:57AM Tauren (Combat) Rogue…

Now to go create placeholder toons named Byron…!


Are pure DPS classes really just another form of hybrid in disguise? {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 10:11PM Combat Rogue, am I.

Tang of death, metallic blood.

Off spec, there is not.

The Queue: I'm on the bus {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 10:10PM It works with the gold cap because it is an item that a guild would create together…

Which immediately brings to mind the thought, who owns the Raid Bus then?

Followed with the thought, what if Blizz made items that were Bind to Guild…!?!

And it is not that the Raid Bus costs 25mil from a vendor; the 25mil is a collected price; time, materials & effort quantified into a gold value…

The Queue: I'm on the bus {WoW}

Feb 25th 2012 1:38PM Speaking of the bus…

The Raid Bus

Flying Engineering vehicle (think WoW version of c-130 sized Osprey-style military transport)

Holds/carries 10, including pilot

Standard upgrades available:

Jeeves (no cooldown)
MOLL-e (no cooldown)
Guild Chest (no cooldown)
25-man capacity

Deluxe upgrades available:

Azeroth Wormhole Generator (targets opposing faction capitol cities)
Armored Drop Suits for occupants (allows rapid descent with automatic last-second chute activation & 60 second Adrenaline Surge raid-wide buff)
Ride of the Valkyrie zone-wide opposing faction debuff & vanity sound clip
Gunship-mode (pilot stays on and flies craft, two additional raid members stay on and man gun turrets)

Costs one (1) million gold for basic 10-man model, no add-ons or seating upgrades

All standard upgrades, full 25-man capacity, with Jeeves, MOLL-e & Guild Chest costs five (5) million gold

Total with all standard and deluxe upgrades costs twenty-five (25) million gold

Costs are approximations of farmed materials & vendor-sourced item cost totals

How's that for a gold sink…?!?

Encrypted Text: Rogue poisons dramatically redesigned in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 12:11PM I just wanna see slow MH/fast OH dual swords (or axes/maces) again!

Combat Rogues, ditch that puny offhand dagger! Wrap your meathooks around a REAL weapon again! Slash, smash & bash shit again! Yay!

Blood makes the grass grow; kill, Kill, KILL…!!!