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Gold Capped: How to farm Maelstrom Crystals {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 12:43AM To be honest like on my server the BoE boots are selling for 12-17k per boots were ass maelstorm is selling for 2k-4k per depending on time of day and week i wouldnt disenchant the boots right now id sell them out right. Also truegold on my server is 600-800g per truegold granted i can farm the mats and pay someone to do it but with all the "Scam" truegold transmutes going on chances of me getting procs are slim to none so ill end up paying out ALMOST just as much as i can buy from AH for shards. Ive found just doing the weekly conquest cap and getting the 1400 points has been good. Buy 2 pvp wands for 700 conquest per and shard those. I dont waste my valor, conquest is extermly easy to get and i can use my valor to get even more gold. Win win. Good article though as always from "Gold-Capped"

Preorder Cataclysm at Gamestop and get special perks {WoW}

Nov 30th 2010 5:28PM This is funny. They are giving a "perk pack" of discounts for items that are over priced and with a minor discount. If you do a google search to buy the items you can find them elsewhere for cheaper then this so called perk. Their advertising manager should be fired. Thank you Gamestop for failing once again.