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The Daily Blues {WoW}

Dec 15th 2010 11:00AM I'm not a fan of the new cut scenes for the following reasons:
1) Too often they just don't work. Having characters off camera, having the camera stay on a paragraph of text for half the time it takes me to read it (I read quickly), having the camera stay on 2 lines of texts for a min, etc etc.

2) Uldum killed them. When you can't go 3 quests with out a new 'cinematic' it isn't fun.

3) Some of them have to be watched, even though they are skip able, these are the ones that trigger completing a task (hiding behind the plant at the start of Uldum)

4) Uldum Killed Them.

5) I like my lore. I have done every quest in every zone (baring the last bit of the highlands), and read every single quest, and listened/read the banter between the NPCs I could find. However. I read quickly. Much faster than it takes to watch the 'acting'

6) Uldum. Killed. Them.

7) I feel it cheapens the actual cinematics a little. I REALLY liked the cinematics we got with wrath (wrath gate and LK's demise). I also really liked the Goblin and Worgen cinematics (that I have seen so far), and am hoping that they BIG things still get a cinematic (at least one for the downing of Deathwing).

In summation:
I don't think they work well enough, I don't think they are needed, and I think they were used to frequently in places (aka: Uldum Killed Them)

The Light and How to Swing It: Prot and ret paladin addons {WoW}

Dec 1st 2010 2:28PM Power Auras is perfect for that type of stuff.

Personally, I just sat down one day and hammered at how it worked (it is not the most intuitive of addons). I didn't know about CLC so I use it for any character that is on a priority system instead of a rotation, and with the change to prot I bit the bullet and set it up. The things I have set up are:

A CLC like bar of my prot 'rotation' spells with CDs to know when I can pop what.
A Holy Power indicator that gives me a visual and aural cue for when I hit 3 HP.
A visual cue for when I can use Hammer of Wrath.
And when I get home, a visual cue for when Sacred Duty procs :D

Lemons has a good point about NeedToKnow, however I honestly didn't like it my self, but it was mainly because it didn't fit what I wanted at the time, and I think /powa does the same job just as well.