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The Dragon Soul -- a post-mortem {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 5:38PM The Siege portion of the DS I didn't find stretch out too long, in fact I found it to be just the opposite, I found it to be far too small. The whole DS raid in general feels too small and far too symptomatic of classic villianary where the big bad boss throws his lieutenants away one at a time towards a band of heroes. Council type fights, where several generals and what not team up together and attack, or a general is attacking with waves a trash coming in and assisting him. Some of the mechanics used were new, but the feel of the fights was just plain old. Nothing shown didn't seem like anything I hadn't seen before or out of the ordinary.
Plainly put, DS was old within the first month after its release. The content was challenging but I was still tired of it before it was even dead. That is uncharacteristic for me. I raid because I actually enjoy raiding, I don't care for loot too much, nor do I care for the titles or mounts. I like to group up with people and taking down bosses. I was plainly sick of this raid within the first three weeks, it didn't feel new or exciting, and despite it having the "main boss" for this expansion, in general the raid felt like a filler raid.
I never felt like I was flying during the spine of deathwing fight, I felt like I was on a stationary platform that would kill people if the weight was properly distributed. The world never seemed in peril and the attack on Wyrmcrest temple seemed out of place since Deathwing was mainly intent on finishing the Cataclysm which seemed to need have taken place at the Maelstrom, not up in Northrend. You could use the excuse that he was attempting to prevent the dragon soul from being attuned to be used against him, but if he would have just finished off the Cataclysm then he wouldn't have to worry about that now would he?

The Lawbringer: The warlock green fire class action lawsuit {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 10:53AM Green fire rawr!

I'm still pissed off that Blizz is putting off green fire AGAIN. Getting it in game and to warlocks isn't actually HARD, but they have obviously come up with some obscure way they want to do it that it preventing it from happening. Give any comp sci undergrad one or two hours with their databases and warlocks would have the option of using green or orange fire at their whims. I have no idea why they're making it harder than it needs to be. As one of my physics professors used to say, "They're trying to scratch their left ear by taking their right foot, wrapping it around behind their head and then scratching it." Point of the imagery being that the patch being taken is the absurdly hard and stupid path.

Know Your Lore: The hour of the king {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 2:23PM It's nice to have an article that reflects a good chunk of all the crap Varian has gone through. Certain details I've even forgotten really put a heavier perspective on the entirety of his life. Varian has gone through more traumatic events than any other figure in WoW lore. Other figures have been exposed to small chunks of the things he's been put through and fallen because of it. His actions following the fall of Theramore and the Siege of Orgrimmar will be an interesting sight to behold.

Breakfast Topic: Were you impressed with the Mists of Pandaria press event? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 10:03AM Having followed all of the details from Blizzcon and the subsequent Q&A's that followed I was extremely disappointed with the Press Event. Most of the information given in the press event was information that we already knew. A good chunk of the things we didn't know were things that are labeled as "might" be in the game. Then finally nearly all of the new things were only introduced in individual interviews meaning that Blizzard thought that new information was generally unimportant for the event. They put a heavy focus on rehashing already known information which is outrageous.

Is reforging a hit or a miss? {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 8:09PM I think the flat rate of reforging makes the system easier to use, but makes the system a bit of a hassle when trying to walk the tightrope of staying capped for some certain stat. Another annoyance was how Blizzard handled itemization this expansion in comparison to the past with the introduction of reforging. In the past, in addition to increasing ilvl's Blizzard also made each new tier of gear per expansion be better itemized, giving you the most bang for your buck as one could say. This expansion they started to do that, but in many cases it feels like they kinda gave up on that around t13, and just worked under the assumption that if you don't like it you'll reforge it.
Granted I'd love to turn stats into whatever I want, but at the same time, if they're going to get sloppy with what stats they assign then I want to be able to reforge ALL of an unwanted stat, rather than 40% of it.

Know Your Lore, TFH edition: The true battle between Light and Darkness {WoW}

Feb 26th 2012 6:53PM I'm more inclined to the old gods and sha connection. As Yogg-Saron said in the Assassination of King Llane vision, "A thousand deaths.. or one murder...Your petty quarrels only make me stronger!"
From that alone, it could be quite easy to draw an inaccurate conclusion that negative emotions, actions, ect can fuel these creatures. The entire encounter with Yogg-Saron there are mentionings of just general negative emotions such as hate and fear, he wants you to get angry and to feel fear. Be it because it's easier to manipulate the angry and afraid or because it also benefits him in another manner, we can't be certain at the moment.
Also we should probably reflect on what the Old Gods were doing prior to the Titans arrival, they had the elementals rage war on one another, for their amusement. The elementals absolutely hated one another due to the war though. There was all sorts of underhanded deals, backstabbings, and false alliances spawned as the elemental forces tried to reign supreme. Could the old gods simply have enticed the war simply because it fed them in a sense? Is that the real reason why the Titans couldn't kill off the old gods, because they literally feed off of negative emotions, and after the long and bitter war the Titans had with the old gods, it was impossible for them to exterminate them without some form of hate fueling their efforts, thus feeding the old gods and sustaining them? That could be an easy clarification as to why they were locked away, and made to be forgotten about. IIRC even the dragon aspects were unaware of the old gods until after they had already corrupted Neltharian. To lock the old gods away, have their jailors slumber for the most part, and essentially attempt to starve them until they wither away. I think that'd be the only way you could tackle the problem of how to get rid of beings that feed off of negative energy.

Shifting Perspectives: Building a better Insect Swarm for Mists {WoW}

Feb 26th 2012 1:55PM Blizzard's solutions ever since Cata started on how to solve boomkin problems have been clunky in total, and very wrong.
Anyone remember what they did to try and kill solar cleave arena teams? Take a fairly heavy nerf bat to one of the most loved talents in the balance talent tree! They didn't even do a normal nerf, no they gave it a nerf that was so bad that it made the talent nerf you if you took it. The mechanic that it changed to was so absurd and complexly worded that I'm amazed it actually made it out of internal testing, let alone to the test and live servers.

The insect swarm change is wrong, there are many different ways to fix the multidot issue without the insect swarm change. I'd like to point out something very important though. Even in WotLK once you had the 2t9 set bonus, multidotting was very strong for moonkins, and decently noticable without the bonus. The mistake Blizzard made in Cata was that they made dots too strong period. Then to further inflate that problem, they put too much power behind eclipse while it was up.

There are three things that need to be done in MoP, first off, another eclipse adjustment. You always have an eclipse buff, either solar or lunar. That make it far easier to balance boomkin damage and also takes away most of the incentives to game eclipse. How would this work, well quite simple. Remember when you get an eclipse buff, and then once you pass the middle of the eclipse bar and that buff falls off, it simply doesn't. You keep each eclipse buff until you reach the other side of the eclipse bar. This keeps the core concept of moving the bar back and forth, but gets rid of the insane highs and lows from gaining and losing the buff.
Second, dots need to be dialed back, and insect swarm needs to do arcanestorm damage, or w/e they call it, basically switch between nature and arcane depending on whichever would do more damage.
Third, starfall needs to be reworked. Concept is this, in solar for aoe you use mushrooms and hurricane. In lunar you use starfall and hurricane for aoe. So starfall gets a cooldown reset and cooldown reduction while you're in lunar or something, and starfall also needs to go back to its WotLK version, not the wimpy Cata version. Either this change goes through or mushrooms also have to do arcanestorm damage, or solar is always going to be the preferred eclipse to be in and eclipse gaming (which blizzard apparently hates) will continue. I feel like doing the starfall change is better simply because making everything deal arcanestorm damage starts to make the spec kinda bland and stale. Having two different AoE rotations and switching out nukes for single target would be fun.

Those are my thoughts in the matter, having played a druid since vanilla's closed beta I really hate how the class was treated in this expansion. This was the only expansion where we started off in a good spot, and then a handful of knee jerk reactions and poorly constructed "solutions" severely hurt the class for the rest of the expansion.

What I want to see from Mists of Pandaria PvP {WoW}

Feb 13th 2012 8:24PM Cyclone is actually one of the most harmless CC's imo.
Yes you can't dispell it, but out of all of the CC's possible I like being hit with that one the most. FIrst off, it has the shortest duration per pop, and overall. That gives two things, first off it means I can get out of it quicker, second it means less free gcd's for the enemy druid. Second: I'm immune during it, apart from polymorph and sap, every other CC in game turns you into a punching bag. So yes, you can't dispell cyclone, but it seems silly for someone to still be griping about it 4 years after its introduction. Someone whining about cyclone is really the same as someone whining about prep.
This is coming from a pvp lock with a shammy partner.

The Light and How to Swing It: 2 tanking wishes for Mists {WoW}

Feb 10th 2012 3:51PM Active defense model has the same benefits and problems with the "harder" heroics at the start of Cata, along with the threat models that were placed at the start of Cata.

First of all, for the half decent players, an active model makes the class and rotations fun and enjoyable. You may even be able to pull off some decent numbers without the need for vengence, and that is always nice. You also are given control over how and when you mitigate damage in a fight. This in an of itself, for those that can actually play WoW, this is a wonderful model that should be implemented. Just like Cata heroics and tank threat were a good design, despite all the popular opinions stating otherwise.

The issue is this: Most players in WoW cannot play WoW. They are carried by all of the other players. An active tanking model puts the survivability of the tank, mostly in the tanks hands, most tanks in WoW are bad, they really are, just like most players are. I'm not saying most raiding tanks are bad, because that isn't true. I'm saying that over the entire population of WoW, looking at everyone who ever tanked a dungeon, most of those tanks are in fact very terrible at the role, their class and the game in total. An active model would completely destroy them, pugs literally would be unable to function, because the terrible player pushed their survivability cooldown at the wrong moment, or they didn't push it at all. Look at Blood Dk's throughout most of Cata, how many good pug Blood DK's did you run into? Blood DK's have the more "active" model that Blizzard is trying to push in MoP, and even then it still has quite a bit of defensive'ness baked into the stats that are passive. In comparison to the pug DK tanks in WotLK, most of the pug Cata DK tanks were terrible and literally couldn't function in the content, unless they were carried by a very good healer.
So as I had submitted in feedback in my Cata beta days. The sentiment for an active model is something that I'd love to have, but in order to keep the community and functions of the game fluid, it is a feature that can never happen.

Breakfast Topic: Has the early Cataclysm gearing model failed? {WoW}

Feb 1st 2012 11:16AM I was a fan of the "hard" heroics, but I knew when I was testing them in beta that if we had gone from TBC to these heroics we would have been fine, but the WotLK player couldn't handle them. They honestly weren't that hard (barring a select few fights that were initially overtuned) their difficulty was partly inflated due to the lack of appropriate gear to actually run them.
The real issue is that the average WoW player has a shorter attention span than a dead cat. You can't have any real fun fights or instances anymore when the average player can't even manage to pull off optimal performance with their spec.

That said, I liked the WotLK gearing model in 4.3. I remember gearing up my dk tank alt in a day in full 232 tier, then taking him to ToC25 and filling up his weapons and trinkets. The MoP challenge modes will be fun, they will let those who still remember who to run instances, run them. The reversion back to WotLK faceroll through heroics will make lfd queue times as short as we've seen for the past few months.