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5 ways to fail at Battlegrounds {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 4:23PM #5 is definitely the worst. Because like Marcosius says, it ends up causing other people to argue too. And then you have a load of people who are spending their time typing rather than fighting. WoW isn't a chat room!

Breakfast Topic: Spill your 5-man PUG stories here {WoW}

Jan 26th 2012 11:04AM I quit WoW.

The reason I quit WoW is purely down to 5-man pugs.

It became especially worse once I rolled my last main character, a night elf druid healer. She was a damn good healer, knew how to play and had all the tactics down.

But bad pug run after bad pug run just eventually wore me down.

Let me share three of them with you.

1- Stonecore. Following the first boss, a shaman DPS decided she wasn't receiving enough heals. I was focusing on the tank, because he was dealing with some of those high-damage mobs, the kind that the DPS need to stand behind. She didn't stand behind, but insisted that I heal her through the damage. Eventually we hit the dragon. The shaman refused to take cover behind the rocks when it used its crystal attack, and then stood in bad stuff, so naturally enough she died. I was then subjected to her torrent of abuse and insults, all the while I was still struggling to heal the tank. After the fight, I calmly told her that DPS need to mitigate their damage by not standing in the way of lethal things. She retorted with "Any good healer will be able to heal tank and dps through all that."

2- ZA. Bird Boss. This one was just nasty. There were two pug groups - the first all rage-quit after none of the DPS remembered to catch the runners twice, which always meant a wipe. So following those wipes, there were many rage-quits. I was left alone, but I decided to stick it out. The next group came in, it was a guild group. Immediately they said "We're going to do this as a timed run." I said "We've already cleared the first two." The tank did NOT like that. It ruined his plan. He immediately turned on me, saying "Did the last group quit because you're a crap healer?" and "Try not to screw it up this time." This was before we'd even hit -any- mobs, so he was just being abusive because he didn't immediately get the timed run he wanted. This time, when he pulled the bird boss, I just quit giving anyone heals. I told them "this is what happens when you're an ass to people" and hearthed out as they wiped.

3- This one happened last week. I'd already stopped playing since September, but I wanted to look at the new instances just once before my subscription ran out. I left it a long enough while so that people would have had time to know their tactics too, I read up on the tactics myself, and then I told everyone in the pug that this was my first run on these new instances so I'd appreciate if they went easy. The first two new dungeons went fine. Then I hit the third. The tank pulled, didn't grab or hold any aggro, and I died. While I was lying dead on the ground, he was still calling out for heals. He ranted about the 'noob healer', while I calmly told him that I can't heal him if I'm dead. Only one of the dps spoke up for me. This happened three times. After the third, I just sighed and said "Look, I'm sorry guys, this is just no fun for me. I'm sure you'll be okay to find another healer."

Then I turned off WoW.

Then I uninstalled it.

And my subscription ran out two days ago.

That's my 5-man pug stories.

Yeah, I could have just stuck to running dungeons with my guild, but that kinda defeats the entire purpose of having a massive MMO of thousands of players if you only play it with the same 10 people or so. And... well, I wouldn't have felt just so damn annoyed if there was only more to do once you hit end-level. I mean hell, if there was a way to get honour/justice points via your trade skills or auctioning, it'd give you a better variety of things you could do. But with end-game content so structured around raids and dungeons, and the pugs for those being so nightmarish and horrible, why bother?

So yeah, that's why I quit WoW. Hope that's informative.

Sorry if this is a bit of a downer...

Officers' Quarters: When your guild won't recruit {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2012 9:56AM The GM in this instance is an idiot.

Guilds require an influx of members in order to survive, because they have a continual flow of people. Old members will leave, they will have RL crop up, they will be unable to dedicate time to gaming, and so on. For those reasons, a guild needs a steady influx of new members in order to simply survive.

I used to be a captain in a similar guild, a small one on Darkmoon Faire EU. There was really no purpose in me being a captain, because the GM didn't bother listening to any advise or suggestions that any of the captains had, at all.

One of these was her insistance on not recruiting members. Eventually she conceded that, after losing almost half the guild's active members due to simple atrophy over the course of half a year, she would need to bring some in. Unfortunately she became rather obsessed with the idea of checking out each applicant - our guildfinder post directed people to a website, where they had to fill out an application, following which there was an interview, and then a series of tests... In short, far too many hoops for any who could simply find another guild elsewhere.

Then there was her insistance that the guild should be raid-active. This was a roleplay guild, full of people who were mostly underprepped, and who made some very simple mistakes consistantly. They weren't raiding material, I could see that clearly. I suggested that if she wanted to raid, maybe she should open the applications to players who specialise in raiding. A simple and logical enough idea, but one that she wouldn't do at all because of her insisting that it was a 'roleplay guild'. Which made me ask "if it's a roleplay guild, why are you getting hung up about trying to raid?"

I left that guild round about March. I checked up on them while writing this, found out that they dissolved in November.
So yeah, in short, getting new members is vital to a guild that wants to last. If your GM doesn't understand that, he's an idiot.

The Cataclysm: A critical examination {WoW}

Oct 28th 2011 4:00PM A =/= B

Drop in subscription numbers =/= people dislike rehashed content.

You can't just say "Here is A. A is A because of B" without showing how this is true, especially when B is just a personal opinion without anything but anecdotal evidence to support it.

A is more than likely a combination of different numbers of reasons, which need to be analysed and critiqued. Unless you can show WHY B = A, then you're not helping.

Breakfast Topic: Are you afraid of the PUG? {WoW}

Oct 16th 2011 9:08AM Not afraid per se. But just repelled by them and the experiences I've had.

On my last time trying to heal a PUG, we hit Stonecore. The dragon was a nightmare due to one shaman dps who simply didn't grasp the idea that she needed to stay out of fire and hide behind rocks to avoid the attacks. I explained to her that as a healer, I had to focus my healing on the tank, but she was convinced that I had a personal grudge against her because I 'let her die'. I explained that her death was the result of standing in fire and not ducking behind rocks, but she was convinced that I could continue to heal both the tank and herself. I initiated a vote-kick on her, which passed, but I was so irritated that I left soon after.

This was only a day after I'd tried healing a ZA heroic. After over an hour and several rage-quits due to a string of dps who didn't understand that they had to take down the adds on Jan'alai. After several tanks and full groups rage-quit, I was the only person left, but decided that after an hour I was damned if I was going to quit too, so I stuck it out for another group. They phased in, it was a guild group and the tank announced he wanted a timed run. I told him that several bosses were already down, which he didn't take well. In fact, he took it so badly that he accused me of being a crap healer and stated that the other groups must have left because I was an awful healer (all this before we even hit any combat). He eventually got so abusive because he hadn't been able to get the timed run that he wanted, I had enough. I let him pull the boss, and didn't bother healing at all - once he was dead, I hit a stern message telling him not to be a jerk to healers and quit the group.

I don't PUG any more, because the level of abuse that we healers have to put up with is sickening.

WoW Rookie: 8 things you didn't know your tank is doing {WoW}

Sep 8th 2011 4:25PM Or better yet, a tank who understands that healing generates threat. So when the mage pulls, and the tank decides to stand by and let the mage tank the monsters to teach the mage a lesson, who is it that winds up gaining aggro on said monsters while trying to heal? And who winds up dying as a result? Clue - not the mage, numbnuts!

WoW Rookie: 8 things you didn't know your tank is doing {WoW}

Sep 8th 2011 4:21PM Could I have number 6 and 7 carved in stone? As a healer, I could use a heavy stone to thwap tanks in PuGs with, especially when they're screaming abuse at me because they decided to pull 3 groups without warning and then run out of line of sight.

Officers' Quarters: Classic blunders {WoW}

Sep 5th 2011 4:37PM Here's what you need to do. GQuit. GQuit like there's no tomorrow.

Your guild leader has shown that s/he cannot be trusted. They've given deliberate favours to someone, and did so in an underhanded manner. If he were a politician, that would be a tabloid story.

The Queue: Some notes ... {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 11:51AM Why would you see an Undead druid?
The druids require some kind of connection to nature, be it through animal spirits or loa, or the grace of the land and its gods instead. The Undead are an utter antithesis to that. They're the single most un-natural race. You have more chance of seeing undead shamen.
I mean, undead get to be warlocks, and are PERFECTLY suited to that. Isn't that enough?

The Queue: Adam Jensen is easily offended {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 12:34PM What is the obsession with Blizzard wrapping up each and every storyline before the end of the expansion? This is an MMO, a storyline can go on for years, across as many expansions as desired. Look at the Dragonflights storylines. This reminds me of the "Worgen didn't retake Gilneas?" argument - if they ever do, it'll be something that'll happen eventually. This is an MMO, not a regular offline campaign-type game - that means it has an ongoing progressing game world.
Not everything is a storyline, anyway. Rising tensions between the Forsaken and Orcs? That's not a storyline - that's part of the setting.

Besides, Schnottz is dead. Also, the last sentence may be a spoiler.