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Breakfast Topic: Is DKP starting to become obsolete? {WoW}

Mar 10th 2012 11:16AM My guild uses a very simple loot system. Ms > OS > Greed

No restrictions. If someone wins 4 tokens, fine. Next week they wont need it anymore and someone else gets it. I hate loot council and I hate DKP and will not use it. I have 3 raiding teams in my guild that are all on heroic progression. We have no drama because loot is random, sometimes you win. Other times you lose. I lost a roll last night to Heroic Bone-Link fetish to a alt-raider that fill's in sometimes. Doesnt bother me because I like everyone I raid with.

If you need a good guild with no drama look us up.

Legendary Hero @ Uther-US


Heart of the Aspects video and giveaway {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 11:46AM no comment

Spiritual Guidance: Top healing trinkets for priests {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 12:06PM There are a few issues with people not stacking Haste but rather stacking either Crit or Mastery.

The problem with Crit. Its great. IF your target is low enough in health that the crit is not wasted. IF your crit overheals, its useless. Paladins with large single target heals do not benefit as much from crit due to overhealing. I have personally seen my logs sometimes with 65% overhealing due to Divine Light critting but being wasted.

Mastery is great also if your target is expected to take damage withing the next 12? seconds. However if they do not, once again that potential heal is wasted. Tank healing Paladins are awesome at stacking master for that very reason. There is probably not a fight currently that the tank will not take damage in a consecutive 15 second period.

Haste is the ultimate stat because it reduces your spell casting time, therefore allowing you to cast more spells / fight. Even in a 6 minute fight, reducing your spellcasting time by .3 seconds is huge. The POTENTIAL to heal is increased as you can cast more spells within a certain amount of time. However higher haste and more spells cast will also increase your spirit requirements since you will be using more mana. Spamming Divine Light will make you go OOM very fast if you do not use mana regenerating techniques. Having a high haste is useless if you are out of mana.

I am not sure what Haste "cap" you are referring to since the only spell I have seen get close to the GCD is Flash of Light which is not a preferred spell to use in more fights. Divine Light and Holy Light share the same cast time and reducing both of those. Getting either one down to the GCD I dont think is possible except maybe during a Haste/Time Warp phase.

Haste is the only secondary stat which is not dependent on fight and timing mechanics like Crit or Mastery. The more haste you have the more benefit you will see if you play properly.

good luck. Any comments are appreciated if I am wrong. Always trying to get better.

Spiritual Guidance: Top healing trinkets for priests {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 12:49AM Not really sure what you are reading but the highest logs of Holy Paladins all stack haste. I've looked at dozens of the highest parses in the world and its the same order.



J. Allen Brack talks to Wired about Pandaren and Pet Battles {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 7:04PM I think pet battles sound like a great way to pass the time instead of sitting there doing nothing waiting for a raid to start. WoW needs more things like this that keep it fresh and fun.

Chinese prisoners forced to farm gold {WoW}

May 26th 2011 4:25PM The problem is that if someone is willing to pay cash for gold then there will be people doing things to get that money.

Use tokens that you get through questing and dungeons for equipment and repairs. I know it is not practical but it would help.

The other option is make gold farming not worth it. I have lots of gold but I dont spend it on anything besides equipment repairs, BOA gear for alts and maybe some materials for enchanting. The reason why most people hoard gold is for high ticket BOE items and CTG loot cards and some VERY rare drops.

If gold was changed to only work for crafting mats and some items and you DIDN'T need 50k gold (Vial of the Sands!!!!) a lot of the gold farmers would leave because


Make the Vial of the Sands a huge quest reward or purchasable by Valor points or ANY OTHER METHOD THAT ACTUALLY REQUIRES YOU TO PLAY THE GAME.

If Blizzard turned Non-Soulbound items into BOA items that were non-tradeable it would be disaster for Gold Farmers. But it reward regular players who actually play the game.

Lets say for example that the Vial of the Sands or any other high gold value item becomes BOA and the materials needed to craft it are bought with Valor and quests. It would still be hard to get and it would still be a pain but you would not be able to pay $xxx dollars for the gold to just buy it.

The concept of Gold in games is antiquated in modern MMO's. It was fine on paper and pencil games since it was just a few friends playing it. Eliminate gold from the game and this whole mess just ends. No more farmers.

How about quest rewards giving justice points or similar which you cannot trade and use to buy stuff.

Herbs and the like can be traded into a commodities market for Justice points which can then be used to purchase different materials from a shared market. Since Justice Points are soulbound you cannot buy them for real money.

Im sorry this is long.