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The Queue: 5,000 feet {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 11:49AM If you think the Cessna 172S is fast, ask to see if you can get into a Mooney Acclaim for a test run. Best in their class for single engine general aviation if you can afford them. Even the Ovations are nice though and a lot less expensive.

The Queue: Twitter edition {WoW}

May 21st 2011 3:04PM Sony Vs. Blizzard:

With all the recent intrusions into Sony's various online services on multiple fronts, it seems reasonable to think this is defiantly a concerted and targeted attack. I for one would have trusted Sony in regards to their security measures; however, I was apparently wrong. In light of this, has there been any thoughts or concerns made by Blizzard account holders and what steps Blizzard had taken to secure its servers? I feel less inclined to just "assume" they are doing their job efficiently now and wondered if there has been any official comments about the topic.

Ol' Grumpy's first week with Patch 4.1 {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 7:31PM I'll have to second this opinion fully. I've been playing WoW for almost six years now and have experienced the shift in play paradigm personally. While I have little opinion personally one way or the other in regards to the change in play design and mechanics that has created a more "accessible" game for casual players, I do believe Blizzard has finally found a more centered ground than in either WoTLK or BC. While vanilla WoW required players to spend their entire lives on-line in order to procure the BiS gear, WoTLK allowed even the most casual player to have end game content with ease. We all know what truly drives us players and that's "virtual status symbols" ie. "what gear people see us wearing" or "what rare mounts we are riding" or "whatever is hard to get that I have and you don't and thus proves I'm better".

If it's easy to get, it doesn't get the status. If you worked hard to get it now and someone else gets it for nothing later, that can bothers you; however, that's inevitable and really comes down to how long any item retains its status level before becoming just another expected gear piece. By continually releasing "hard" content at a faster pace, Blizz fosters an environment that maintains the drive for that new status . . . albeit at a shorter duration. Personally, I think the addition of new Heroics and item levels with each content patch is great and gives us more options for gear then just waiting for the the next Raid to be released and grinding/farming the same old heroics in between like in Wrath.