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Reader UI of the Week: Figuring out what is wrong {WoW}

Oct 5th 2011 11:41AM OK, first things first...

Bag bar/minimap area - I would clean this up. MBF can remove the buttons from around the map so you can place it closer to the corner. Consolidate the bags to one button if possible...various addons allow this. You could also change your mini menu to two rows of 5 instead the wider default...this assumes you are using bartender, though.

FX - Move the spell timer up nearer to where your eyes normally are when in combat. I have mine to the left of my toon so I can see them with peripheral vision. I don't have to take my eyes off of the action as much if they're prominent. Also, lock the spell timer and you won't have to see that little place holder bar. I would also recommend placing the cooldown bar closer as well, although this isn't strictly necessary if you're using the spell flash feature.

Vuhdo - I'm guessing from the placement that you're almost never in a large group (e.g. Alterac Valley) or this would quickly overflow the area it's in. However, if you've moved your spell timers and cooldown bar you could easily place it on the left hand side and it would have room to expand.

There are a few other things that I would second from the above comments. Unit frames on the top left aren't necessary if you're going to use Vuhdo. A buff/debuff tracking mod would probably come in handy as well. I personally use Raven as it lets me separate long and short buffs (and place them where I want them), and has a separate area for notifications as well (e.g. missing armor spell).

Of course, these are just my opinions. YMMV