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Patch 4.2 release patch notes {WoW}

Jun 28th 2011 6:48AM "The order in which characters are listed at the Character Selection screen can now be rearranged and saved."


Scattered Shots: Patch 4.1 hunter loot {WoW}

Apr 21st 2011 9:17AM Was half expecting to see a table listing every item available in the game.

Breakfast Topic: How consistently do you run your dailies? {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 8:44AM I've got limited playtime at the moment and have 4 max level characters - one of each role. That's 100 dailies before I even get to running daily dungeons, farming mats, crafting, battlegrounds and arena.

Dailies are currently bottom of my priority list, they get done at weekends more often than not.

The Queue: The origin of Ghostcrawler {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 12:09PM Question for the Queue:

What is the likelihood of another massive world event being added to the game?

I started playing back in Wrath and slowly became aware that some kind of war effort was going on, happily donating my cloth and other assorted items for rep and c.o.d money from players who seemed adamant on opening some sort of gate.

I had absolutely no idea what I was missing out on. My innocent noob eyes were fixated firmly on the prize, namely 2g per stack of silk cloth that I could produce (which was huge amounts of money to me at the time).

Breakfast Topic: What's the best WoW-themed gift you've given or received? {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 10:31AM I live in the UK and had no idea that WoW had teamed up with Mountain Dew to make the game fuel limited edition stuff. Connecting two of my passions by themselves, my best friends got together and had some shipped over for my birthday. When I sat down to play can of mountain dew in hand, they immediately pulled out laptops and fired them up.

They had decided to each get the game, install it and play with me on my birthday. One of my best WoW experiences and a fantastic present.

Breakfast Topic: Where does your game need work? {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 8:50AM Seem to be echoing the others here, but PvP is my weakness as well. Currently being held back from that violet proto drake simply because my poor Rogue can't capture that damn flag in Eye of the Storm.

Instead my orphan stands there and watches as time after time, the guy he's supposed to be looking up to gets run down by the faceroll express, all the while with an expression that says "Seriously dude, I could probably do this and I'm an eight year old kid with no armour, weapons or even a recognisable class.. noob.."

The Queue: Homosexual characters in WoW {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 11:41AM I made a similar decision the other day and decided to off-spec my levelling shadow priest as a Holy one. Not wanting to sentence the pug groups I'm going to subject to my learning to instant death, I came here looking for a Holy Priest 101 or even 'Healing for Rookies' sort of guide, but have yet to find one.

If there are such guides, could the WoW Insider community give me a shunt in the right direction? Or, failing that, could we have some written? The Shadow Priest 101 today was beautifully written.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite ability in WoW? {WoW}

Mar 9th 2011 9:39AM Can't believe no-one's said this yet.


Unfortunately, this move looks far more impressive when it's not from your own perspective. I love watching other Rogues pop it. Its like Nightcrawler with a dirty great big poisoned axe in each hand. Visuals aside, combined with a blade flurry, it hits a couple of mobs like a freight train.

I almost shed tears of joy when I saw the range is going to be extended to 100 yards in 4.1

Breakfast Topic: Have rated battlegrounds met your expectations? {WoW}

Mar 8th 2011 8:16AM I, like you, was personally a bit disappointed with the way rated battlegrounds turned out. Being a late entry to WoW, coming in shortly after Wrath dropped, I never had the opportunity to earn one of the battleground PvP titles. I was overjoyed when I heard they were coming back, but the system we've been handed has rained on my parade to say the least.

I concur with your assessment that allowing rating to be affected by any old random battleground could cannonball the rating of good players, but I suggest that there would be ways to mitigate this. Have the rating stem from your actions in the battleground, rather than from the win/loss. You cap a flag? Points. You kill 20 players in a row without dying? Points (possibly with streak multiplier..) And so on.

Because of the 15 man, 10 man requirement you either have to rely on a guild group - very difficult when you're in a small guild, like the one I keep most of my alts in for social reasons - or you have to PuG. Tried Pugging for one of those? We run into the PvP equivalent of "Link ach for inv" - "What's your rating?". If you have a low rating, through not having managed to build one up, or worse yet have not managed to compete at all yet, then good luck to you - it's not going to be easy.

Simply put, if you're not in a large guild or one that is oriented toward PvP, then many people will find this section of the game locked to them. Far more so, I would argue, than with raiding.

The Queue: A very special Monday treat {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 11:01AM Question for the Queue:

While questing through Mount Hyjal for the third time, I was reminded of a Queue question I'd been meaning to ask since the initial run. After mucking about with the harpies for a bit, you are given the option of ordering the execution of the main harpie (her name escapes me for the moment), or sparing her life. I’ve picked both options now but, as far as I am aware, it appears to have had no effect whatsoever. I’ve come across the same sort of situation in Twilight Highlands, choosing to help injured Orcs to their feet or ‘end their misery’. Both seem to allude to the player making a moral choice between good or evil a la games such as Fable and KOTOR, only without any demonstrable or acknowledgeable outcome.

My question is this – What is the reasoning or purpose for these choices being included in the game?

Is it to present the player with the illusion of having a modicum of free will in the game, despite the fact that their actions make little difference? Is it a mechanic designed to cater to RPers? Is it at all likely, in your opinion, that Blizzard will implement any options of this nature that will actually allow for some sort of choice for the player beyond whether or not to do a particular quest, or to pick one companion pet or the other as a quest reward? Perhaps opposing mini questlines depending on the player’s actions in the starter quest?

Okay, so that was more like a handful of questions dressed up as one. To summarise: What’s the point of the pseudo-choices?

(Feel free to chime in on this one fellow Queue-readers...)