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Scattered Shots: The DPS value of skill {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 12:16AM @tygerwolfe
First off, Having someone in the same room calling off shots as she is hitting them will lower your DPS a substantial amount , not only are you being effected by in game LAG and your computer's lag but you are now throwing in the reaction time of both you and the other person, it takes time for the person to call it out and then time for you to hear and respond. Never do that again.

As for the lower levels, Hunter's are just OP until they hit 85, all classes are balanced around level 85.

Throw out Gear score for starters , gear score means nothing, it is very common for a lower gear score item to outperform a higher level item. Just look at the new firelands trinkets as proof in comparison to Fluid Death or Heroic Essence of the cyclone.

Grind your gear out of 5mans valor and JP and then Gem and Enchant it. You should be able to pick up a pretty steady muscle memory on your rotation while doing all that and see your DPS increase. Another thing to consider though is your PC and your Latency to the server

Scattered Shots: Pre-raid gear for Cataclysm hunters {WoW}

Dec 13th 2010 1:12PM Is anyone else very angry about our Meta/Helm situation? The Meta Requirements for our meta gem have yet to be fixed, which is concerning me as my guild gets ready to begin raiding this week. What Meta Gem will people be using until the patch fixes it?Also if you are Engineering like me and most hunters out there, you may have noticed that the 359 engineering goggles with the cogwheel sockets are pretty awesome. So I leveled my engi to max (stupid 6k gold later) and made my helm only to find out that the Crit Cogwheels can not be purchased due to the fact that the item needed to buy the cogwheel is not in the game yet or maybe wont be at all. Anyone have any idea when a patch will be implemented to fix this BS? Is it worth using the Engineering helm with haste cogwheels? seeing as the helm doesnt provide stats outside Agi/Stam and the cogwheels I think it would be a waste to have the little bit more agi and loads of our worst stat, haste. Right now I am using the Dragonmaw clan rep helm but again no useful meta gem.

Scattered Shots: Pre-raid gear for Cataclysm hunters {WoW}

Dec 10th 2010 6:08PM Is this list complete and accurate? I got a 346 trink that has an on use 1425 agi proc from a quest , this is for JC only but I just thought it should be listed
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