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Know Your Lore: Azeroth's savior and the Badlands {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2011 5:40PM Do you think when this all blows over Thrall will change his name to Go'el?

The Queue: Does that movie even exist? Because it should. {WoW}

Jun 21st 2011 11:28AM Can anyone become a class in WoW, like a regular citizen say of Stormwind wants to become a mage, hunter or rogue or any of the other classes, can he? Or does it take something "special" to become on of the classes in WoW?

The Queue: Heroic as heck {WoW}

Dec 11th 2010 2:07PM wouldn't*

The Queue: Heroic as heck {WoW}

Dec 11th 2010 2:05PM Hey, i have now gotten back into WoW and stopped in WotLK i have bought Cata. and it is installing now when i try to log on it has the same WotLK background with the blue dragon and it would let me log on. Help me please i really want to play. (P.S this is not for the Queue