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Scattered Shots: Optimizing your hunter for heroics {WoW}

Dec 14th 2010 2:32AM i think its better personal then health as i tend to be able to avoid damage that i can
i also do think its need its a "small" buff when most things 1-3 shot you if u get agro

ah the lost art of trapping all thro LK i trapped only to see a pally tank run in and aoe
i been playing my hunter as mian since day1 in vanilla europe and im happy that we have to CC again

remember that you can trap two mobs (can be 3 but 2 is easy to pull off) at a time laydown one trap near grp and wait for cd then pull grp into trap and distract a 2nd mob and laydown a second trap after the first has been set off.

you can trap 3 if you are surv this is harder to do. do the above to get 2 traps but also wyvern sting on third, when your trap cd has about 8 sec left break the sting and concussive shot it to slow if it gets to the buy time till the sting is off and trap cd with scatter shot after you have trapped the third retrap first>second>third and repeat then is handy for the corehound in blackrock cavern on hc where a hunter can solo CC all three mobs.