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The Daily Grind: Do you play your favorite MMO with your kids? {Massively}

Nov 16th 2011 10:01AM I play Wizard101 with my son. He's reading the LotR books (starting with The Hobbit), so we play a bit of LotRO together. We've played through the starting areas of the Goblins and Orcs in Wow because he likes the starting areas, but I won't let him go beyond that until he's older. I do let him watch my raids and big boss kills, and he's reading all he can find about WoW lore for the day he does start playing. So, two out of the three games we've explored together are linked to him reading new books. That's a win to me.

P.S. I think some comments are grayed out because they were posted by Unverified users, not because Massively is monitoring content.

KingsIsle teasing new Wizard101 content {Massively}

Oct 21st 2011 10:32AM I am studying the pattern of the glyphs...I think Ditto is onto something! Thank you Massively & KI for this sneak peak!

Live like royalty with a Wizard101 Massive Fantasy Palace from Massively! {Massively}

Aug 15th 2011 10:30AM My favorite thing about Wizard101 is playing with my son. It's simply the best part of the game.

Choose My Adventure: Wings rule, horses drool edition {Massively}

Jan 19th 2011 2:13PM Really enjoyed your article Beau.