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Scattered Shots: Patch 4.3 hunter changes {WoW}

Nov 21st 2011 10:27AM The theory is good, but if you need to use trap launcher, that means how much, 5 seconds to place the trap? I think the DPS loss from that might overcome the benefit of an extra LnL proc. This aproach feels similar with trying to use improved steady shot talent as SV, i.e. no gain.
Bliz will boost SV so at the start of the patch 4.3 they will be close but not better than MM. Being equal at start ensures less QQ from the comunity and more time for imlpementing a real solution, maybe in MoP.
It also means that actually MM is the spec to follow for several reasons:
1. MM scales better with gear. Bliz only adjusted some raw damage numbers and let scaling as it was in 4.2 where SV started top and ended bottom.
2. SV damage is linear compared with MM, therefore all trinkets having CDs will favor MM. Consider getting +1200 agi stacked with rapid fire every 1.5 mins, or getting the same ammount of agi stacked with nothing (well, 3 times from 4).
...I certainly hope Blizz will show me wrong, but I fear they wont.

Drama Mamas: When "just friends" intrudes on love {WoW}

Nov 15th 2011 6:37AM Robbie you are screwed :) If you want her back, make or join a guild with your friends and make your gf and her older friend play and get friends with your group. Make her older friend love you and dilute her relation with him by involving her in activities that makes her feel happy around other people. Make her a star there. With time her interest toward her older friend will fade as she will discover new people to socialize with. Bottom line, make her have 10 older friends because only one is quite dangerous :) You may even friend yourself with her guy as he truly might be a nice person, but remember no one is a saint and what's at stake here. Good luck m8.
p.s. if you dont care that much, you should prepare yourself for moving on with your life.

Scattered Shots: Scatter-trapping with grace and ease {WoW}

Nov 7th 2011 7:52AM imo, scatter-trapping is one of the main reasons why hunters chosen to just ignore PvP. See, when your main CC ability(combo actually) takes 3 GCD and more time to put it in place than the CC acctually lasts, the level of skill required to properly play PvP exceeds the word 'great' and falls in the realm of sillyness.

I rather expect for the next patch for Trap Launcher to be an aura and not to require casting each time a trap is launched.

Scattered Shots: A very hunter BlizzCon {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 8:29AM I was just thinking... Wouldnt be great if Trap Launcher would be an aura. Turning it on and off? What do you think guys?

Firelands raid changes incoming {WoW}

Sep 13th 2011 7:52AM tbh, apart from being a great way to keep raiders playing I can easily see this as an insult to those that struggled but didnt manage to get Ragnaros just yet. It's Blizzard petting its retards in public. I will never understand why splitting in Normal and Hard modes is not good enough.
...or why (with so many retards) getting a full tier set requires killing the hardest boss, why not get full tier on easy bosses and get a weapon or some imba rings on last encounter. What is the purpose of getting the full tier bonus when most guilds dont get to even start heroics before next content.
Anyways, maybe its just me.

Scattered Shots: Hunter pet changes -- QQ or HTFU? {WoW}

Jul 29th 2011 7:05AM I think for the average hunter the new stance is all right. For top PvE hunters though, any of them were not good enough, not now, neither before. I'll explaing why:
When you move your pet, you want it to move fast, so a top PvE hunter will choose spending 1 pet talent point in Dash/Dive (+80% moving speed). Boar's Speed and Charge are either not good enough or their points can be spent much better with other talents.
When attacking that +80% moving time translates into DPS, and when retreating, it translates into less damage for the pet (i.e. no dying for moving to slow out of crap). The problem with Dash/Dive is that they are on CD and poping it every 30 secs automatically is not helpful at all. have to macro it, micromange it at a certain level, both when you send your pet to attack a new target and when you call your pet to you to save him. Pet movement macros are therefore a must if you aim for top performance.
Another thing which we can make great use of is the fact that we have the Serpent Sting refreshing itself on every Cobra or Steady Shot. That means that ideally we shot 1 serpent sting for every mob or boss we kill. A Serpent Sting macro seems the ideal place to manage pet attack as well. That macro should include apart from SS, Dive and PetAttack as well.
All the above are mostly irelevant to the stance changes in the last patch, though I whould agree with Frostheim that Assist stance was of better use before.

Scattered Shots: Hunters and patch 4.1 {WoW}

May 3rd 2011 6:56AM Indeed the new targeting system in 4.1 feels like a significant nerf to hunter AoE due to the fact that having to select a target (which by the way may be already dead before you fire next shot) make hunters miss one or possibly more Multishots per AoE session.
I think the option Blizzard adopted is worse than any automatic targeting for hunter PvE content due to the fact that hunter cc involved(freezing trap mostly) is 1% of the action (0% on boss encounters) and DPS is 99% of the action. Unfortunately the later is dismissed to support the 1st. Considering the hunter's presence in PvP I would dare to say that even considering the issue overall, it is still a poor decision.
I do sincerily hope that in patch 4.2 they will implement a smart autotargeting system. something which upon death of current target selects closest target to the dead mob(not closest in front of the hunter) with priority on mobs with same name/type, uncced, in range of the hunter, and having autoshot stopped until next attack. If such a system still raises problems(PVP wise or for other reason), i think at least Multishot should aquire a target automatically if the previous one died.

Patch 4.0.6 PTR notes updated for Jan. 12 {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 9:32AM problem is not they got nerfed, it's how much nerf they got, they hardly did 30-40% more DPS, and also a pure dps class will have no AoE ability now. With serpent spread now to only 4 targets, single target handling packs is faster than any lame AoE we got, even with other clases being now "balanced" with more dps. These are very specific concerns and not related to the principle of my class being the best! :/

Scattered Shots: Understanding the PTR process {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 8:44AM hehe, there is also a bright side about the complaints: if they are stated loudly before the patch goes live less people will actually rage quit the game when changes come live :) Aint it the whole point of PTR? :)
It is true that blizz cant make the game perfect or else they will be gods. Yet again, if they are not gods I dont think we should treat them as such., when the case, we are entitled to enforce our point of view if we are prepared to pay, possibly, the ultimate price. Honestly, the cumulated nerf of 25% Explosive, 5% Agility and Serpent Spread, hurt my hunter feelings. Do you know what I mean? And that is not nice comming from Blizz. If there was another decent raiding spec for hunters I woudnt mind so much, but there isnt one and it still isnt even after the latest changes. SV on PTR is 10-15% DPS below Marksman and 30% below live SV. We have now no choice but to switch to MM. I dont know about the others, but I didnt feel the need to change to something new while I'm in the middle of progressing raids. Cherry on the cake, now as MM I lack AoE which is a matter of life and death in quite few encounters. Thing is there is a time frame for everything("its ready when its ready" is not a management concept, only a marketing one) and the testing phase will pass and changes will come on live shortly. We will have to suffer till the patch after will be released, which I suppose will come at the point where we somehow will accept the crappy ways we have to take with this patch. Blizzard job on hunters atm just isnt what it should be. SV was a decent spec (only slightly OP - considering the changes they made), the other two were indeed terribly bad. They think the solution to even them is to wreak SV so much that the other become slightly better with few boosts when they are sistematically defective. BM cannot be other than lame for PvE, because content is not designed to be played by pets assisted by players. Boost pet damage with 500% and make pets do OP damage, spec is still no good unless the entire content is changed to tank and spank fights.
MM is not that bad but lacks atm a proper talent tree/abilities/whatever. Autoshot is an interesting change, but has many downsides: one extra click on high latency and next cced mob is targeted and shot, no alternaives (this isnt lack of skill, it's bad game concept).

...while at it I would like to give few suggestions:
1. make serpent spread available to all specs. Spread it to all targets. Limit either maximum total AoE damage or lower serpent damage when spreaded (until a Cobra shot upgrades a spreaded serpent to a dedicated one)
2. fix autoshot - always stop it when target changes. better still, drop autoshot on the move and get something else for MM. Making hunters stay in place to boost their damage is a good thing with them having so many instant shots. ...or you will need to wreak some other perfectly good feature in the following patch.
3. let meta-gems stay as they were. 3 reds for 3% crit damage will make every hunter ignore socket bonuses. They can fix it fine with reforging, no need to change anything here just let it be. the end I would like to praise the PvP efforts blizz did on hunters, they were much needed and welcome.

Patch 4.0.6 PTR notes updated for Jan. 12 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 6:36AM I play a hunter for a while and when I read the 4.0.6 PTR notes yday, I was tempted to rage quit wow :) All I could see there was:
25% less damage on Explosive Shot
25% less damage on Black Arrow
5% Agility nerf
Serpent Spread up to 4 targets, nerf from unlimited.

Now, for raiding hunters BM is a dead spec from start. Content is not designed to be played by the pets assisted by players, so whatever tricks has Blizz in their sleeve won't overcome that. So we are left with MM and SV. In Cataclysm MM has zero AoE (this is a fair approximation), most damage comes from auto-shot which was heavily nerfed in Cataclysm by removing ArP stat from gear, and with content being more and more complex, fights requiring lots of positioning less and less autoshots go off :) so, MM is/was also a no go atm. So we are left with SV which was nerfed with about 30% on damage.
Now, I've seen a lot of complaints on the forums from druids and other classes about how hunters are so OP with the new patch. Come on, I'd like to see what an OP resto druid thinks when he can do 30% less healing in the raid.

Fortunately since yesterday, Blizzard fixed things more or less.
They now nerf only 15% from Explosive Shot and Black Arrow (down from 25%), Agility nerf remains 5% (which I wouldnt mind if Explosive had remain as on live now)
They introduced auto-shot while moving. This is a huge boost for MM hunters, MM becoming again aviable raiding spec (tho still zero AoE). On the downside skill is no more required to make a difference. Now MM can run like rabits and do closely the same amount of DPS as those that properly position themseves during fights. Auto-shot is now a DoT while the hunter is in 40yd range of his target. I'm not too proud of that :/
PvP wise, I dont think anybody should criticize hunter boosts. Hunter is a very difficult class to play PvP with. Last arena season I dont remember any hunter being in a top 5 arena teams in any brances.

Another boost I dont like is Meta gem related. I kinda started to like needing more blue then red gems to activate meta, and Reforging is great to overcome any disarvatages of this approach. Now intead will be 3 red gems. Why? People will again ignore socket bonuses and gem Agility all the way. It just isnt't right.