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How we learn the jargon {WoW}

Dec 5th 2009 2:36PM If you say that language is organic, which i agree with, then i think what you are really saying is that language evolves. When life evolves the basic steps include a random set of gene combinations that don't care about the environment followed by natural selection that kills off the life with genes that don't work in the environment.

In this way misinformation is like the random genes that don't know anything about the environment, and the only thing that says they are wrong or not is whether they survive in the environment.

The point is. If people use the word PST incorrectly, and it continues to be used that way, it becomes a norm, whether its origins were true or not and then becomes correct.

I personally get a tiny bit annoyed when i read "LFM for 10 Naxx, PST me for invite" as "Looking for more for 10 man Naxx, Please send tell me for invite" because the me doesn't need to be there and it ruins the flow of the sentence, but i know that most people read PST as psssst, in which case it does flow.

I once told a guildy to stop swearing when he typed gtfo at group member and he started yelling at me because he didn't swear. I then realized he was probably in junior high and that i shouldn't have said anything.

If Cataclysm were to include a new class, what would it be? {WoW}

Sep 28th 2009 11:03AM They did it in Warhammer online. Its called a Disciple of Kaine and it is first to die on the battlefield when i played. A healer that needs to deal melee damage would need to be attached at the hip to a tank that can actually protect them.

Ghostcrawler suggests we play other games {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 12:12PM Although Blizzard itself is just a company out to get our money, there is more to be said about the people that work there and the individual goals of those employees. A truly great company is one that, through the want of making money, hires the staff that wants to make something great. So if the employees care about the game and want it to be great then that is all that matters. And i believe that blizzard does a good job of keeping there employees happy. Lol. i would say its the fans that drive them to madness.

Ties that blind {WoW}

Mar 18th 2008 11:21AM Well written, I am in a guild that was much the same way. In SSC i used to play heal tag another healer. they would swim in the water line of sighting me while i threw on hots.

It was the way i thought our guild was. Then one night a huge blow out, drunken words on vent, some yelling. then people started leaving. first the ones that felt they were carrying everyone else, they made it clear anyone could come, but they wanted a new mission statement, something more hardcore. Keep in mind these are still some of the most laid back people i have ever run with, it just came to a breaking point for a few.

I saw it coming two days before it did. I posted in the forums, asking what people thought, what they wanted from the guild, i wanted everyone to figure out how to progress and keep the friendly atmosphere that is needed to avoid burnout.

All the casuals replied, all the hardcores left.

Essentially it sucks that the people preaching guild loyalty were the ones to jump ship as soon as a conflict arose. I feel a bit burned as does the rest of those that stayed simply because there could have been a solution. Heck we could have even been a feeder guild for them if they had left on better terms, having fun, leveling guys for them, and then when we were bored go for runs our selves on whatever they are farming.

Point is. communication is the key, use the forums, and speak plainly and without emotion. That is how things are solved, when you don't, guilds split.

Breakfast Topic: Heroic PuGs from hell {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2008 11:36AM Naix, you are positively evil.. lol..

But in my experience it was kara that got me geared for heroics..

First heroic i went in i was one shotted alover the place as a resto druid, I couldn't keep up the tanks. Get carried through a couple, (and seriously, like 2) kara runs and i was geared enough to keep up tanks in heroic (ie. +healing increased by 300 or more) Now i have to watch threat more then the tanks health bars. All my gear came from kara and badges, and i stayed away from heroics at the beginning simply because they are harder then kara.

The reason is probably because more people means more room for error

Around Azeroth: I heart Tyrande {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 11:33AM My guildy here beat me to the story. drat.

Yeah, it was somehow serene when he finally hit the turf.

The key(s) to not getting banned {WoW}

Sep 25th 2007 1:25PM I own a fang keyboard, picked it up from my local EB games. It took about a week to get used to it, but because my desk is small i can now fit both the keyboard and mouse on the keyboard tray. I recommend it to anyone that has the extra 50 bucks or whatever to blow.

On Needing and Greeding {WoW}

Feb 28th 2007 6:35PM @5 and 18

The reason for passing on BOP's in my groups and PUG's is simply so the enchanter can roll greed and get the item for D/E if no one needs. Then everyone rolls on the shard which is usually always worth more in the AH then a vendor trashed blue.

If there are no enchanters then everyone just rolls greed for Vendor trash.

Breakfast Topic: Is WoW a shameful thing? {WoW}

Feb 16th 2007 11:45AM HaHa.. good topic.

Back when me and about 4 of my buddies started playing wow together it was literally all we would talk about in real life for a couple months. One of our group was a deejay at a local night club so we were still went out every weekend and made our appearances, but the conversations would go something like this. ... in a deejay booth to a strip joint i may point out ..

*3 of us show up at the booth*
deejay: "hey, glad you made it, 'so and so' is here this week."
rest of us:"cool, havn't seen her in a while."
*a minute of no conversation*
One of us: "so made it ot level 18 today with my rogue"
*then 5 minutes of unstoppable conversation about wow until a dancer walks into booth and conversation immediately changes to parties and another round of drinks are ordered. dancer leaves and wow conversation resumes*
repeat for most of night.

haha.. yeah we laughed about it and were ashamed enough to stop when others were around, but what was crazy is we were all thinking about, just waiting for someone to bring it up.

Well thats my story.

Breakfast Topic: What's your archnemesis class? {WoW}

Jan 24th 2007 10:55AM The class that annoys me most is the warrior. I play a feral druid and everytime we do manage to get a warrior in a PUG there is an initial feeling of jubiliation at the thought of not having to tank do all the other things a hybrid can do. But then, i few fights in i pull a couple mobs of the priest, then some more. till it seems the warrior stops trying and i end up tanking 3 mobs while he "tanks" one. All you warriors, pick whatever spec you want, i don't care. but learn to stance dance, and do it well and you should be able to tank anything at any time with a competent priest.