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The Light and How to Swing It: We should never have had a block chance mastery {WoW}

Jan 20th 2012 6:41PM @ KrazyKorean728

You are mistaken. From your own link, you can see that the last two entries on the combat table are crit and hit. If you accumulate enough dodge, parry, miss, and block to reach 102.4%, you push both crit and hit off of the table, making yourself uncrittable.

The Light and How to Swing It: An updated look at the prot paladin rotation {WoW}

Dec 31st 2011 6:13PM Because I have a Ph.D. in Optics (laser physics) from UofR.

The Light and How to Swing It: Everything tankadins need to know about patch 4.2 {WoW}

Jun 18th 2011 11:59AM I certainly hope that the general consensus is not to macro it to your regular attacks. Because that's terrible advice. Do you macro Divine Protection to all of your attacks right now? Because that's basically what you'd be doing with the new HS at block-cap.

Not macroing DP to every ability will absolutely result in an increase in total damage taken. Yet very few paladins do that. Why? Because it's far more effective as a tool to combat spikes, especially with the versatility the glyph gives it. Similarly for on-use trinkets, AD, GAnK, and so forth.

On an encounter where you don't need to save AD/GAnK/DP for a particular boss ability, do you just use them on cooldown to minimize your overall damage taken? I certainly hope not - no good tank should be, and no good tank should be advising others to do so. So why is Holy Shield any different? Because we have "enough" buttons? Any tank facing even remotely hard content will tell you that's not the case. On almost every fight this tier, I can think of situations where another button, especially one that's so powerful on such a short cooldown, would make me less likely to die and increase our chance of success. Hell, I can think of at least three situations from LAST NIGHT'S RAID alone where having the new version of HS would have turned a wipe into a potential kill.

If the majority of tanks are macroing it to every ability in 4.2, then the majority of tanks will be using the ability wrong. Maybe that's where you're getting the 5% figure from, though I'd hope that more than 5% of the tanks in this game are smart enough to see through the wailing and gnashing of teeth to see how powerful this tool is when used properly.

Also, you can bet it would be the first thing I'd look for on a WoL parse for a potential tankadin applicant. Quick filter search for Holy Shield to see what the average interval between uses is. If it's close to 30 seconds, and I see that it isn't syncing up in a logical fashion with boss abilities, that'd be an instant rejection. I want tanks in my guild that recognize the tools they have and use them properly. Someone who doesn't care enough to use the tools he's given to increase his survivability isn't going to last long in serious progression.

The Light and How to Swing It: Everything tankadins need to know about patch 4.2 {WoW}

Jun 18th 2011 11:46AM Actually, I don't believe I ever said that this is a buff for the top 5% of heroic tanks. I think it's a buff for any tank that chooses to use it intelligently as a spike mitigation tool in any level of content.

For all the wailing and crying that goes on about "it's a nerf to TDR," people seem to conveniently overlook that they're regularly getting 20-30% overheals, even in normal-mode content. That means that a 4-5% decrease in TDR isn't going to be remotely noticeable - you'll just shift that to 15-25% overheal, and your healers won't even notice the difference in how easy or hard it is to heal you.

Your healers are NOT suddenly going to start going OOM because of this change, even if you don't use Holy Shield a single time. If anything, going OOM as a healer has more to do with crappy healer instincts than anything passive that the tank brings to the table. The one thing a tank CAN do that influences healer mana is use cooldowns intelligently to smooth damage intake and give his healers more time to react. The new version of Holy Shield does that exceptionally well, which is why it's a buff to any tank willing to look past the "OMG another button to push" and actually USE it effectively.

In terms of survivability, you could argue that we would be the best tanks in 4.2 even without Holy Shield - our damage intake is smoother and more predictable, we have a solid array of cooldowns to work with already, and when we don't have those cooldowns we have an incredible amount of passive mitigation (unlike, for example, a DK). In that sense, we'd be reasonably balanced without Holy Shield at all - having an extra cooldown out of the deal is icing on the cake.

The Light and How to Swing It: Everything tankadins need to know about patch 4.2 {WoW}

Jun 17th 2011 2:29PM Regarding parry-haste: the mechanic is still in the game, in that players gain its benefits when they parry a boss or another player. However, it's automatically turned off on all bosses. So defensively, it's no longer a concern for us in PvE.

The Light and How to Swing It: Exploring the ramifications of the 4.2 Holy Shield change {WoW}

Jun 4th 2011 10:42AM What? When do you THINK the healing occurred? It sure as hell wasn't when you were at 20% health. Unless you're truly suggesting that the vast majority of that overhealing was happening during the short spike damage windows (in which case you're not just uninformed, you're also delusional), the exact timing of the overhealing doesn't matter. Every overheal happened at a point in time when you got topped off, which means that if you had taken 2-4% damage in between that point in time and the last time you were topped off, tha 2-4% extra damage wouldn't have been meaningful. As long as those overheals are at least *moderately* spread out over the course of the fight, then a significant enough number of them occurred outside of spike windows, and your healer's behavior wouldn't have been changed.

It looks like nobody's been uploading alt run parses lately, the most recent ones are from April ( Most of our wipes (and since it's an alt run, there are plenty of them) come from people making mistakes that get them killed.

In 25-man heroic, Constructs can hit for 20-25k before they reset, though that depends a bit on how well you perform kiting (you can reduce this to 15k or so with careful use of Holy Wrath, though screwing up can cause a wipe). And there are a lot more than 6 of them. That's including armor mitigation but not block, so you'll usually be shaving ~8k off of those hits by your regular block mechanic.

Basing your evaluation on 3 hits is sort of ridiculous. You're going to take more than 3 hits in the 4-6 second time period around an electrocute, even with only 6 adds. You're going to take a lot more on 25-man. Remember that it's not just Electrocute lining up with 2-3 unlucky melees, it's the short period before and after during which your healers are scrambling to top you off.

If you don't think adding 10% mitigation during a burst period is worthwhile, then I'm not sure what to say - you're playing a very different game than most of us. After all, the Mirror trinket only gives you another 10% guaranteed magical mitigation against a ~90k Electrocute, yet almost every progression tank gets it and uses it for exactly that purpose. Even 7.5-10k damage prevented can make the difference between a kill and a wipe if it occurs at the right time. I've certainly died by less than 10k overkill while kiting Constructs at least several times while we were learning the fight, even with cooldowns running.

The Light and How to Swing It: Exploring the ramifications of the 4.2 Holy Shield change {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2011 8:43PM No. You don't need Holy Shield before the electrocute because your damage intake is relatively steady and your healers are topping you off every few seconds. You're not likely to take 200k damage worth of burst in 2-3 seconds when the constructs have high energy.

You DO run the risk of dying to several melees after an Electrocute, even if you're using a cooldown for it, especially on heroic mode. You DO run the risk of dying when the adds are low on energy and all ~10 of them are hitting you for 20-25k when they connect. Those are the situations where you take spiky damage and are most likely to die - anything you can do to reduce that spike makes you more likely to live and thus more likely to kill the boss.

Maybe you're right about my "25-man supergroup." But our 10-man alt raid has killed 5/13 heroic modes in crap gear, and none of those healers seem to run OOM either. I'd argue that your healers running out of mana say a lot more about their skill at healing than at your relative damage intake compared to mine or our relative gear levels.

Again though, every one of your healers was over 15% overheal, which means that you taking 2-4% extra throughput damage isn't going to make much difference to them at all. They won't notice it, won't heal any differently, and won't spend any more mana than they do now. However, you can now use Holy Shield to mitigate spikes, which WILL change their healing patterns, because they'll have to use their mana-inefficient "panic heal" less often.

The Light and How to Swing It: Exploring the ramifications of the 4.2 Holy Shield change {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2011 6:28PM As I said in another comment, people keep beating this "healer mana matters" drum for some reason. I've never seen evidence to back it up. The perception that somehow you taking 2-4% more damage over the course of a fight will run your healer OOM is fairly absurd - most of that difference would be completely offset by the overhealing you receive over the course of an encounter.

Have you ever looked at one of your WoL parses to see how much overhealing you take? I'll give you a hint: it's going to be more than 5%. More than 10%, even. Your healers probably won't even notice a 2-4% increase in damage taken, because it would be virtually impossible for them to do so. If you're being topped off (and thus overhealed) with any regularity, their healing style wouldn't change at all. And if you're not being topped off regularly, you're raiding with bad healers - at which point them running out of mana stops being your fault and starts being theirs.

"Making tanking more appealing to new players" does not mean "making it stupidly simple." Many players are drawn to the depth a class has to offer, and this change increases that depth in a good way.

The Light and How to Swing It: Exploring the ramifications of the 4.2 Holy Shield change {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2011 6:20PM Completely disagree with your assertion, I'm afraid. You're making the naive assumption that somehow, the overall damage you're taking in phase 3 matters. It doesn't. Any decent healer is going to be pre-healing you anyway, and you'll have HoTs rolling. That means that in general, you're already taking a massive amount of overheal during that phase. Taking a little more steady damage during the non-threatening sections will not even be noticeable - it'll just soak up some of that overheal.

Having the cooldown available for spikes - either Electrocute+Melee or the period when the constructs are low on energy - is going to give you a far higher chance of avoiding a death.

People keep beating this "healer mana matters" drum, as if saying it more often will make it true. It won't. You would be surprised at how much overhealing you take during the course of an encounter, and consequently how meaningless the TDR metric is.