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Arcane Brilliance: A friendly introduction to mage crowd control {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 10:48PM As a bear tank, I love my CCs.

As stated roots is golden for melee mobs. It lasts a decently long time, no CD, short cast time. It can take a good beating before it breaks (takes about 8k damage to break on average) And me casting is a good que to let other CCers know to cast their poly/fear/trap/repent/hex/bind ect...

With such a short cast time, I find its no trouble to pop out of bear to re roots something while getting beat on, barkskin helps.

Pull usualy goes.

Rdycheck passes > Sap > Roots cast > rest of cc cast

Raid Rx: Are you prepared to raid? {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 3:35AM I think MOST pug healers in LFG are taking this triage "dont need to top people off" idea a bit too far.

1) For example, if you are at 100% mana, TOP PEOPLE OFF!

2) Biggest sin caused by healers. Not drinking as soon as out of combat. If healers DID drink when able, they woulden't have 1/4 the mana problem that they perceive that they have.

Tips. After a pull, with the mana you have left, top everyone off. Then drink. As long as you start drinking before the pull, you can let your team get whacked away at for a while (since they are topped off) and you can have a nice long drink.

TLDR; healers should NOT be slowing down the average heroic run if DPS and tank are doing their job and avoiding damage. Maybe a holy priest, but the rest have NO excuse. By the time stuff gets marked up and CC rdy to go, the healer should be ready too.

Based on my experience tanking/healing over 50 completed heroic pugs on my druid.

Raid Rx: Are you prepared to raid? {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 3:24AM When someone says "I'm too pro to pug" all I hear is "I'm too lazy to help newer players learn the play"

News flash. Doing heroics with a group of people you know, with vent, with a plan, with a leader, with a history of raid kills, makes them easier. Don't be so friggen proud. It's the people successfuly pugging heroics that are the real heros.

I am the real friggen hero. I tank, and I que alone for LFG. I get all sorts terrible pugs. But you know what? I drag their sorry asses throught he last boss anyways.

Shifting Perspectives: The unbearable suckhood of pugging {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 10:26PM It's not impossible to pug heroics. It just takes LEADERSHIP. You won't clear it in silence.

Someone (YOU) needs to take control, assign CC, do readychecks, explain EVERY FIGHT. And when there is a mistake, politely correct it.

I have limited time to play, I have about 2 hours after work I can play. So I make the best of the pugs I get, and often clear 3-4 heroics all one shots, in pure pugs.

Rough numbers. 4/5 players are good enough once you tell them what to do. there is that 1/5 who are either very young, doesen't speak english, or are very stupid. But as long as they arn't BREAKING cc, it's not too bad to carry one. That's what vote to kick is for.

Vote to kick not working? Here's a tip. Politely explain to the player that they are bringing the group down and to please drop group so you can replace them with someone who can complete it. I've had several baddies agree and leave without a fuss or the need to use V2K.

Shifting Perspectives: The unbearable suckhood of pugging {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 9:27PM Godfrey is my fav to tank. Once I have enough aggro I jump back and forth on the ledge and he kites in a most hillarious fashion. I use that spare time to decurse the bullets. (druids tank)

Shifting Perspectives: The unbearable suckhood of pugging {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 9:18PM The success of PuGs with the LFG tool relies heavily on the dungeon guide. I did a lot of pug raid leading of hard content and it has helped a lot to teach/carry pugs through heroics.

Pull 1) Me "Moon is sheep, Triangle is hex, if I need it, square is trap"

I mark skull, then x, then moon, then the mage instantly CC pulls.

CD CD CD. Berserk. Do 3x more damage then the rest of the group, AoE the pack down.

Pull 2) Me " Ok, CC pulls will always be started by me casting roots, after a readycheck."

Eveyrone /agree

Run goes smooth as butter.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Stat stacking for tanks {WoW}

Dec 20th 2010 2:24AM As a bear I reforge dps stats into mastery > hit > expertise so I can get level 86 mobs. Then reforge for dodge.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Stat stacking for tanks {WoW}

Dec 20th 2010 2:18AM Avoidance (Dodge, Parry) and Mitigation (Block, Savage Defence) have always been better for 5 heroics.

Stamina is better when the boss does enough damage to require it (Raids).

If you are geared enough for raids though, you probly don't need a special set for 5 mans. So everyone just stuck with stam gear. Until ToGC 25 actually needed block value and tanks had fun building up a block set.

~~ If your running heroics, OF COURSE stack avoidance/mitigation. If your doing HARDCORE PROGRESSION RAIDING then stamina MIGHT let you survive a worst possible case death scenario. ~~ That is all.

Ghostcrawler talks tanks and threat {WoW}

Dec 17th 2010 1:48AM I tank LFD heroics. It takes alot of leadership and patience but it can be done.

It's comparable to when I led my 10 man of semi-casuals through all of Uld HMs when we were learning the fights.

Some of my LFD boss kills have taken 5-10 tries. Average is 2-3 or so. So people have to have patience with each other, and communicate an effective strategy for your composition.

It helps that I can take the lead and get people to do the job. But it was very tough when I was seeing the heroic fight for the first time. Had to build their trust to get them to stick to my strat tweaks and get the boss down. It took a while but we had much pride in the kill.

In the end puggers they just have to see that;

A) We are under geared
B) Even good players are still figuring out all the new mechanics.
C) Even if YOU cleared it before and it was easy, it may not be as easy with this group.

Good players need to also understand that there is not a firm gospel of right and wrong for every pull.

Maybe we should cc 2 or 3. Maybe we should focus the big baddie first. Maybe priest pre-pull MCing is viable CC or maybe someone somehow is going to pull aggro and cause havok. What ever the case opinions need to be made POLITLY. Not 2 seconds after you hit the floor


Even if the above statement is true, it still reduces the chance of the group succeeding because no one will take blame or move forward from that.

I've had group that by all accounts were painful, long, hard, expensive even more so then Cata should be because we had some weak players. But since we all we're polite, worked together and got it done. It was fun.

Ghostcrawler talks tanks and threat {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 8:43PM (A bear tank didn't hold aggro)

The obvious reason. He didn't have any rage and Enrage was on CD.

In that case we have to get in a few white hits so we can get enough rage to mangle and maul something. Even then it's slow going. I almost want to macro a warning to let people know when I need (lots) of time to build up threat due to pulling with no rage. Because it's WAY different then pulling with rage. Just sayin.