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Know Your Lore: Sylvanas Windrunner, part 2 {WoW}

Dec 19th 2010 8:44PM In the beginning quest in Deathknell, isn't it your job to go around and explain to the new recruits, who have just been raised as undead by the val'kyr who serve Sylvanas, that they have been raised as undead? You explain to them that they may do as they wish, but it would be appreciated if they stayed and helped the Forsaken. In "The Wakening" Lilly runs off by her own accord and is not forced to serve Slyvanas, Valdred willingly joins the Forsaken after some hesitation, and Marshal is free to go and freely make an opposing force against the forsaken... of his own free will... freely.

It would seem that Sylvanas and the val'kyr do not bind these new recruits to their will, they simply raise them and ask that they serve the Forsaken. Isn't that what distinguishes Sylvanas from the Lich King? Arthas took away the free will of those who he raised, like when he raised Sylvanas. If Sylvanas was like Arthas, wouldn't she just raise the forsaken as mindless zombies and be done with it? I think you may have exaggerated the fanatical devotion that some people have for Sylvanas. Someone like Sylvanas, who had her free will taken away, would never take free will away from someone else.

To me, Sylvanas says, "We raised you, if you don't like it, theres a lake, go drown yourself. If you want to live as undead freely, go ahead. But if you want to join us... we have cake. Tasty tasty plague cake."

But thats just me.