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15 Minutes of Fame: Tom Howgego of El's Extreme Anglin', part 2 {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2011 2:36AM Stupid inability to edit.

I agree about another fishing title, and I could appreciate the removal of the tournement from salty.

However, if I had Salty, I would be pretty peeved if they removed the requirement!

15 Minutes of Fame: Tom Howgego of El's Extreme Anglin', part 2 {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2011 2:34AM Excellent interview! I agree with the above. El deserves a spot right next to Nat Pagle. El's Anglin' has been a staple of my gameplay every since it was created.

In regards to "Salty", I agree with Tim. It would be a nice to have:
-Another fishing title
-Remove the tournement wins from Salty

I only get one out of six weekends off. Winning either of those darn tournements is very difficult for me. I'm sure there are plenty of other people (I know two in my guild, and my old wrath main) that are a weekend win away from Salty.

Tim, thanks for all your hard work! It has made an enjoyable and relaxing part of this game even better!

The Light and How to Swing It: Tackling AoE paladin heals {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 12:51AM I use LoD pretty often in heroics. I'm specced into the talent that has a chance for WoG to not use holy power. Typically, my WoG accounts for all the "necessary" healing I need, so that extra holy power is left over. When that procs, I like to follow up with a LoD from my free Holy Power.

However, I think this might depend on your healing style. I know people might disagree with me, but I like to get up in the fray. As long as it's not an extremely intense fight, I usually stand with the melee dps and use Crusader Strike, HoJ to stun targets, and rebuke to interrupt. Usually, this also puts me in position to LoD and hit a lot of targets. I typically get the tank, 1 or 2 melee dps, and maybe a hunter pet or ranged that's close enough. This is a TON of beacon healing on the tank, plus the self heal, which also goes through the beacon. If that one spell can keep all my dps at 90%+ and heal the tank for a big chunk, it's extremely effective.

This positioning also provides a benefit for using Holy Radiance. On lower damage phases, I can pop it and keep all the melee dps up, throw a holy shock and wog on ranged dps, and the beacon keeps the tank up. I don't get many chances to raid, but in heroics I have tons of oppertunities to use this. It's a great talent.

Maybe it's because I've played a tank for so long, but if you're standing in the back tossing heals a healer that wears a dress.

I'm also protection specced, and love to use Holy Radiance. I just think of it as a nice cooldown. Using the author's numbers, if I use it to restore 20,000 health, that's over 10% of my healthpool (closer to 15% for someone around 343 Ilevel like me). That's a pretty handy cooldown to use, without mentioning the benefit of healing others around me. Stacking it with my racial, stoneform, it's about a 25% damage reduction. Sweeeeeeeeeeet. You're welcome, healers.

Breakfast Topic: Which Cataclysm quest chain has blown your mind? {WoW}

Feb 5th 2011 2:04AM I love all the Twilight Highlands dwarf quests. They epitomize how I've played my characters though all of the WoW expansions. I play 3 dwarf characters. They drink, swear, and fight balls to the wall in everything. I'm known as a bit of a Leroy Jenkins....I go down fighting, and 'least I ain't chicken. And I'm good humored about all of it.

When I discovered the Highlands, I was very excited. I love the wildhammers. I've liked the gryphon riders since Warcraft 2. My first time through was on a hunter, and racing to hit 85. My second time through was my paladin, and I took my time and sucked in the zone.

I'm not the RP type, or way into lore, but when I discovered that the zone was Wildhammer Dwarves vs Dragonmaw Orcs, it made me as excited as I was when I was a little kid playing WC 1 and 2. This is the meat and bones of Warcraft. Grunts vs grunts, swords and shields against axes. Violence.

Diving into the Dwarven quests was phenominal. It started with "The Only Homes We Have". People spoke of quests bringing a tear to their eye. This was close. It showed the resiliance and tenacity of these dwarves. On one hand, I was helping these poor people save their only property. I extinguished fires on the houses, with more dwarves helping me and giving me more water. I found their prized possessions and saved them from the flames. On the other hand, I demonstrated my brute force. I leapt into groups of fire elementals and smashed them with mace and shield.

I'm trying not to ramble on, but looking at the other dwarf quests, you get the same idea. When you quest through human zones, it's all about backstabbing, betrayal, etc. Gnomes are all about mechanics, exploration, and invention. Elves are...well...I don't quest in elf zones. In the TH it is,
Honerable Bearing
The Fighting Spirit
The Loyalty of Clan Mullen
Stubborn as a Doyle

This is where it gets exciting. It leads up to my favorite quest: "Once More Into the Fire" You meet Cayden Dunwold and run through an ambush with him.
"You know this is an ambush right?" - "Yeah! Isn't it great? They just keep coming!"
How can you not love it! Dwarves running into an ambush on purpose to smash some Dragonmaw skulls. Fight hard against those Orcs that took our home from us (Read the Know your Lore!) You also help his brothers find a pet baby gryphon, and some ale, because who wants to drink water? We're fighting a war here!

The then climaxes in Thundermar. You "Fight like a Wildhammer!", filling up on ale and food before defending your home. We fight ORCS ON DRAGONS!. Here we are, fighting for our houses again...Fannie's even using a frying pan. Finally you take down the leader, and then get into the festivities.

A Dwarf Wedding! This great quest line (including the wedding song), helps unite several dwarven clans to push back all adversaries. When all is said and done, you're left over with dailies that remind you how awesome the zone is. Drinking Ale, eating food, killing orcs, and bringing MORE ale to the villages.

TLDR : Dwarves are awesome! They are passionate, violent, and resiliant, and always up for a good fight with an orc.

Breakfast Topic: What do you nibble on at raid time? {WoW}

Jan 4th 2011 8:09AM Almonds, String Cheese, Water.

Breakfast Topic: Merry Christmas from WoW Insider {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 8:07AM Merry Christmas to everybody out there! Especially to the others that have to work today. Be safe.

Breakfast Topic: What instance do you enjoy the most? {WoW}

Dec 21st 2010 10:26AM I was a young dwarf hunter. I had just starting playing in Vanilla, and I was still totally clueless about the game.

I was enjoying my quests through Dun Morogh and Loch Modan, but getting anxious to explore the world. I hiked on my stubby legs with my wolf pet in tow to the glorious city of Ironforge. I stopped by one of the guards to see what I could find. One of them offered to send me to the "auction house", so I decided to try that out. I followed a "thief catcher" through the entrance and diverted into the big auctioneer room. I was amazed as the compilation of items available to me. I had just hit a high enough level that I was able to equip helm and shoulder armor, so I purchased the nicest ones I could afford.

With my brand new blue hood and leather shoulderpads, I set out to explore Ironforge some more. I passed a small group of gnomes and wandered into an instance. After a short loading screen, I found the deeprun tram. After playing pied piper with a few rats, I hopped on a train and rode it to Stormwind. I explored a little more in this huge human city, and eventually escaped into Elwynn. While running alongside the river, feeding bandits to my wolf, I noticed a big spider accross the bank. I thought to myself, "I must this beast!" After a short swim, I dismissed my wolf and tried to tame a pygmy spider. Gah! My level was too low. I had to settle for another wolf wandering around the area.

I wandered deeper into murky duskwood, finding an antsy fella named Jitters, and a few men around a campsite that sent me hunting. I stumbled into a graveyard filled with skeletons and came across a polite human rogue. She opened up a trade panel with me and suggested, "Put your weapon up, I have a present for you". I was a little hesitant, thinking this was some sort of trick. I found a "not for trade" slot and put my big ol' axe in there. It turned green for a second, then the trade window closed. Ohh....MY....GOD!!!! My axe was glowing red!!! I now had +2 damage to beasts!!!! I happily peppered away at skeletons with my rifle while she slaughtered them.

Then she suggested, "Would you like to come to The Deadmines?" I'd read about these dungeons before, and had been anticipating trying one. We hiked back across a long bridge, and into some farmland. I followed her on a trail as several more people were accepted into our party. We arrived at a big rock in Moonbrook. She went off to stab some jerk that was launching fireballs at us to death. I selected a party member, clicked on the stone, and a green portal popped up. Then.....nothing. I was channeling....and channeling...and still nothing.

Oh great, I broke the World of Warcraft. "No, Gritty, you have to have 2 people to summon!" Oh, thank God. We summoned all of our buddies and hiked through some mining shafts and caves. Soon, we found a big blue portal like the one I had taken to the Tram. Everyone jumped into the portal, so I did too.

With specific instructions for me to do as I was told, we started killing peasant miners. Then we ran into some bigger, badder folks. One lady looked right at me..and...Ah! There's fire all around me! I was very careful to strafe sideways and step. out. of. the. fire. The group cheered when I did so, and told me I had the basics down. We slaughtered a big ugly ogre. What the hell is this? A BLUE item? Cooooooool. The group explained to me that I can't use it, so it would be polite to "greed". No, I don't "need" it because I can sell it.

Ok, gotcha. We continued on. I pulled, trapped, slowed, kited, etc. That group showed me how to be a versatile dps, and that I'm not here just to hit stuff with my cool glowing red axe. After downing Edwin Van Cleef, and his murloc buddy, we left climbed out of the cave and people started to hearth. I felt like a real player. Then I got a whisper. "Do you want to join our guild?" My hands sweat, and I got a booming option to accept or decline an invitation. Cool.

I was probably in that guild for a few weeks, and never played with any of them again. However, I remember one of my first days playing because it was so much fun, and I learned so much about the game. Many years later, my main is still a Dwarf Hunter named Gritty. My helmet is nicer than a blue hood, and my weapon enchant does more than +2 damage to beasts. However, that feeling of excitement, pressure, and exploration hits me every time I go into the deadmines. I haven't had the pleasure of going back in heroic mode yet, but I can't wait.

In the Burning Crusade, I absolutely loved the Black Morass. The fast pace kept everyone on their feet, and made for an exciting race every time. In raiding, I had leveled a holy paladin to 70 and loved Kara. The entire place was beautiful. Back then you had 2 healing spells. Well...I guess holy shock counted too. I brought tons of blessings to the raid. I was necessary at the Maiden because of my blessing of sacrifice. I got lots of shiny equipment and really looked holy.

In Wrath, I loved Violet Hold for the same reason as black morass. Fast pace, excitement if a mob got loose, and different boss experiences.

Now in Cata, I haven't experienced all the instances on heroic yet. In normal or heroic, I seem to get Grim Batol every time. I suppose I'll have to get back to ya.

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Dec 20th 2010 11:13AM I'm a hunter.

I never get anything but praise from tanks in dungeons.

I follow instructions. I can chain trap, wyvern sting, and kite, while still dpsing the skull target.

I save healers when they aggro by distracting shot, mding, trapping, kiting, taunting off with my pet, etc.

I don't aoe on every attack and break cc.

I keep my pet on passive and control him instead of pulling the next group on accident.

I'm hardly heroic geared, but on bosses like the first one in Grim Batol, I'm trapping the malignant trogg, mding the adds to the tank and knocking them down, and still getting the highest dps on the boss.

Any hunter(ard) that MDs AFTER they pull aggro isn't worth their weight in bullets. That's how healers get killed.

I might be biased, but I think hunters are one of the best classes to have in your group. If you count kiting, I can CC --3-- mobs at once. I can destroy single targets. If the tank still thinks it's a good idea to aoe down groups, I can lead the charts in that too.

Unfortunately the 41 minute qeue drives me nuts, so I'm levelling a tank.

We're not all huntards. I'm not thanks to frost and his scattered shots.