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Officers' Quarters: Surviving as a small guild {WoW}

Dec 20th 2010 3:24PM Same problem here. I am an officer in a guild of really good friends. Our guild has a current roster of about 115 (just kicked about 30 characters for not loggin in for the last year.) The same goes for us as aelastain, i would say that well over 50% of those are alts of alts of alts. We are lucky if we have more than 4 guildies logged on at any given time. At Cata's launch we were having no trouble hitting the xp cap but now that most of us regulars (once again, 4 of us) have hit 85 and moving away from the majority of time spent quest, and are more focused on farming and dungeon running here and there. I feel the pain for those of you in our situation and i hope we can find some sort way to attract new members.