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Officers' Quarters: Surviving as a small guild {WoW}

Dec 21st 2010 3:13AM That's a lot of negativity toward a game mechanic which serves a VERY important purpose. I caught a blue post stating early in to beta that 37% of people are in a guild they started; that means the average guild is under 10 members.

Too many chiefs, not enough Indians. Gamers are notoriously fallacious in their belief they have 'leadership qualities', these qualities aren't passive. Managerial understanding is a learned trait.

is a near 300 member guild, we hit exp cap less than an hour after the cap beig raised and unlock all perks as fast as Blizzard have allowed us. We use our size to build a COMMUNITY, and host several large realm wide events with tens of thousands of gold and IRL prizes, our biggest being which brings people together, the way Blizzard intended.

Blizzard stress, join a guild don't start a guild. Your own ego forcing you to have to have your own guild merely jipped your members out of being able to experience end game content, which is arguably most of the fun stuff (see: non grind) in the game!

The advice given shouldn't be "Hey egotists, you can still live in denial and have your ten man guild or less and dick your faithful members out of all they deserve!" it should be, "It's called MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online RPG for a reason, if you want four other players get an Xbox and bust out some Oblivion!"

What I suggest is, support the communities that already exist, that have been tried by fire and honed through age and the world view / experiences of it's many members, join a guild that will drive you to higher heights and give you a chance to contribute back to that community and grow as just that; a community, not a band of merry men with their level 2 perks.