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Looking back on healing in Cataclysm {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2012 10:19AM I am a discipline priest. It's all I do so my comments are restricted to this.

Healing at the start of the expansion and all the way through cataclysm was pretty hard but was fun.
As people have stated mana become less and less of an issue as the gear got better. When mana was in short supply you had to think more and I liked that.

My real problem as an all out healing priest was and still is that the fights have been set up in such a way that I am constantly asked to go dps! I know this makes me sound like a non team player but how can I gear for 2 completely different specs and be expected to be as good as the others on the meters.
I understand why the fights need changing tactics but how can it be that the majority of fights need only 2 healers.

Spiritual Guidance: Understanding the recent priest changes {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2011 11:28AM I think you are on to something and maybe there finally could be a use for Holy Nova....
What if it linked in to divine aegis and always Crits and procs devine aegis. It would be an instant cast low level sheild on everyone in the area with a minor heal.

If the mana cost was right it would solve many problems and finally make a use for Holy Nova and give AOE shielding.

Spiritual Guidance: Understanding the recent priest changes {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2011 11:03AM
Lets start with the fact that as it stands Im really disappointed with Blizzard.
Ive always been a disco healer, I always will, im not one of those people who change spec to the latest fad to give myself an edge. I just work harder at discipline to fit in the new play mechanics and do a better job.

But this is pushing my reserves of patience.

Patch 4.0.1 brought in Mastery and this effects shields Great! So the signature spell of Discipline is Shields (Tick in Box)

Shields are our only true instant spell. So when someone stands on a lava column, gets knocked thirty foot in the air what do you do? You have to Shield! it is the only real instant cast you can do before they die. This is appropriate use of shields!

As it stands I can no longer shield anyone but the tank (As I know ill get the mana return). If I do my mana will run out mid fight in a raid (I'm iLvl 350). This has caused a problem. I cannot waste points in mastery to up a shield that I cant use because its too expensive. All I can see myself doing is ditching all my mastery for another stat. This defeats the whole purpose of Mastery.

Ive never been a shield Spammer I never will Im a healer, I wanna stop people dieing SORT IT OUT BLIZZARD.

Spiritual Guidance: Discipline priest 101, page 3 {WoW}

Dec 21st 2010 5:34AM Brilliant article.
The only thing I would add is I am making a conscerted effort to ask mages for Mana Studdle.
Then in Dungeons I am pre shielding (The Whole Group) and POM the tank. I then immedietly sit and eat mana struddle while the fight begins to recoup the mana. By doing this the first 5-10 seconds of the fight is absorbed while I sit. I then enter the fight with full mana and the first part of the fight done.

I know its a dodge but any little trick helps.