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The Queue: The fate of Sky Captain Swayze and Ka'anu Reevs {WoW}

Dec 5th 2011 2:36PM My reasons are that most guilds ask for an "application", which seems beyond silly in a game (i'll fill one out for a job, place to live, etc, but not a game, ever.), most of my real life friends play horde or stopped playing at all, and that at times i'll stop playing for a couple months at a time (which means when i log back in with a character that was guilded, i'm kicked). That's not even counting all the drama, elitism, etc that i've seen in a lot of guilds.

I'm personally happy that i can go do what i want, pve, pvp, just mess around doing nothing, and a guild won't get pissed at me that i'm not "playing right". I also feel everything available to guilds should be doable by non-guilded, it's just easier with one. LFR and LFD are things i like most (haven't run lfr yet though), lets me see content i used to have to outlevel and try to solo.

I also find it funny how many people say other people are important in an mmo but then say they leave trade chat or general as soon as they log on.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital charity auction ending soon {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2011 7:44PM I got one for about 230 after losing a ton of tries. Not a bad price as the ones i lost were over 300, some closer to 400. Didn't get the realm i play on, but that's not a big deal. Also, my shipping was only about $34, not bad at all, some i saw had shipping over $100, so good idea to always check shipping on items, it's not always the same.

Good cause, neat collectible, win win. I do wonder if there is anyone trying to make their own server though. ;) Also curious how much was made, had to be a nice chunk.

The Queue: Criminal {WoW}

Nov 20th 2011 2:48PM I'm baffled by the people saying LFR is "easier", plenty of guilds will down normal even way before lfr does. Pugs generally have a harder time, and take much more work to get one, guild runs can carry people. By making the rewards much less than normal, what is the point of doing them? (no rep, no decent loot from trash, only points from finishing the section, yeah, people wouldn't even run normals much with that) It also lowers the feeling that trolls will have in it that they are missing something by ruining someone elses run. "So what if i spoil it, i'll just run it normal with my guild, screw these noobs! I'm not missing out, so what?"

"But they get to see the content!" seems to be the excuse, so they can keep spending the money on making raids a small percentage of the player base sees. People don't really seem to run them for story or "fun", just try to get a group together for the older ones, rarely happens outside of a guild.

The Queue: Horsepower {WoW}

Nov 12th 2011 12:59PM About the horde bias, considering they've said plain out that they like the horde more, it's pretty obvious. Not even mentioning the towns being destroyed (which i couldn't care less about, i'll mention one that does bug me. The Sprite Darter Hatchling. Pre-cata it was an ally only pet, with a loooooooong quest line to get it, that had a pretty nice story about becoming a parent. I understand the quests had to change with cata, but what did they do with it? Made it a horde only pet, gotten from a simple drop by killing mobs, that ally couldn't kill for it. Then wogen didn't get a mount (really annoying for mount collectors that ground out rep for them without knowing that) while goblins did.

Should i also bring up how long horde could get past the gates of WSG and AB before they patched that?

Ready Check: The human element of the Raid Finder {WoW}

Nov 11th 2011 4:51PM I'm still curious why the devs consider LFR "easier" than normal or heroic. I'd bet you could make half the raid Paragon or whatever top guild, and the rest randoms, and they would have a harder time. The whole not knowing what you will get makes it harder by nature. Couple that with the worse loot (how much worse will be interesting), valor for only finishing and i wonder how this will help people who don't raid get into it. Either this will be a good way to get people to raid, or it will be a disaster, or somewhere in between.

Personally i also feel it would help if they introduced this for other raids, not just the end one. That would be like just making LFD for the troll dungeons, let people try the better known ones and get used to raiding before this.

Ol' Grumpy and the grimoire of gear inflation {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 6:00PM While a reply fail, dead on otherwise. I've wanted to go and do the old raids for either gear or achievements, but this is all i see on my medium pop server. If they do the squish, they damn well better let us use the LFR to get in the older ones, even if we out level them. They could even add a selector for the older raids where we can select if we want to run them at normal levels or just look for others at high levels. Heck, if we are squished that much, might as well let us join other dungeons too.

I personally don't get the trouble with big numbers, it's all done by computers, so i don't have to add them up. ;)

The Queue: Is there golf in Azeroth? {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 12:20PM i'm curious why Blizzard considers LFR easier than normal mode raiding, when all indications seem to be it's harder to down bosses in it than herioc mode (bosses have less health, etc, but i've got this feeling it will be a good while after some guild downs heroic deathwing that any LFR group will). It's funny how many youtubes i've watched where people starting it say it seems like it will be faceroll just looking at the health, but then several wipes later, they just keep saying "fail". I'm sure once we out gear and learn the fights better it will be easier, but if the loot is worse than normal, where is the incentive for those who know the fights and already raid? This kind of defeats the purpose of getting non-raiders to raid. It feels like it will be a repeat of the beginning of cata, where the fail rate of random dungeons turned people off.

Sort of related, if they "squash" stats, it looks like even old tier gear would stay potent to the later expansions, so hopefully they would expand the raid finder to the old raids. It's more painful trying to find groups for older raids on the lower pop servers. i see people advertising for them in trade for hours, even just looking for 85s to join.

Ready Check: Looking at raid accessibility {WoW}

Nov 5th 2011 12:49AM I have almost never raided because the first few times i did it was the worst experiences online i've had. Vault of Archavon, every time, guild leader starts and says roll if you can use it. Both times i won (in the 90s with the rolls) when i get called a noob and booted from group. LFR being not able to do that from what i hear might fix that, so that will be good. (all raids that aren't 100% guild runs should not allow that, imo) Also the egos in most of the raids, loot whores, "gotta have vent" even for the simplest of fights (was in a lower level group where someone threw a fit that no one had vent, like sub 50, ugh), etc.

Also ad to the fact that it sometimes took over an hour to even get a dungeon group together on my server back in BC to get the attunement and such, not to mention how long i saw people trying to pull together a raid. From the youtubes i've seen, it looks like they pop pretty quickly, hope that stays true on live.

I also find it odd that they devote so much development time and money on raids when so little of the player base does them. It would be interesting to see what else could be done if they had more time and money to devote elsewhere.

The Queue: Look at me, Drek'thar {WoW}

Nov 4th 2011 8:48PM Something someone else pointed out, it would be great if you could join more than one guild. That way you'd have your "raiding guild", "social guild", and "pvp guild" or whatever. That would let you stay with your friends, but also be able to be in the guild that raids. Personally i find guilds one of the worst implementations in any game i've played.