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Blizzard working on ways to improve dungeon finder {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 4:28PM I'll admit to using the kick feature regularly, but I generally let the player know why I'm kicking them as well. I run in a mostly guild group (3-5 guildies) for Heroics. We all geared up by running reg dungeons til we hit item lvl 329 then started running heroics. I think everyone should do this and I have no patience for people that show up to ridiculously mismatched gear just to beat the item lvl requirements to que for a heroic.

Example: We qued for a random yesterday needing only a tank. Dungeon Finder provided us with a bear tank wearing half PvP healing gear with no gems or enchants on anything. He proceeded to pull the trash packs without any CC and after running our geared healer out of mana on 3 trash pulls in a row I was pretty unhappy that I still had to wait 6 min to kick the guy. We asked him to leave and when he refused we afked until we could kick him.

I see this time and again whether it's dps warriors and ret palies wearing tanking gear or the typical dps wearing PvP gear. I know in WotLK it was really common to carry some random dps wearing lvl 75 greens through a heroic because heroics weren't heroic, but that was then and this is not WotLK.