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The crazy, hidden critter plateau {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 3:13PM I just went to this place- completely awesome :)

Tuesday Morning Post: There's treasure inside {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 8:32AM I gotta say that I loved the article on razers Switchblade concept. It's just sooooo sexy!

Breakfast Topic: Who's the most unlikely WoW player you've met? {WoW}

Jan 7th 2011 5:25PM I am my own most unlikely player. I am a female military police officer in the army. I started playing because the family played and wanted me to "stay in touch". I didn't like it when I first started, but now I have become as much a wowgeek as anyone else here. Oh, and,

Breakfast Topic: What's behind your character's name? {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 10:22AM I was invited to a "pants" guild in another game. All their names were something-pants. Wetpants, tightpants, missprissypants, tornpants, etc. They had an opening for a Nopants. I ended up not joining(it was a 360 game, I didn't have a 360) but I loved the name so much that I've used it pretty much since. On my server nopants was taken, so i switched the s to a z and have used the same name with special characters for my alts.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 11: Palit GTX 470 graphics card {WoW}

Jan 1st 2011 10:55AM Happy new year, everyone :)


Reader UI of the Week: Vhei's UI {WoW}

Dec 30th 2010 11:28AM wow. That's a really awesome UI. Very sleek and sexy.
I'm not really liking the party frames in the standard location, but when balancing out the buffs on the other side, it works.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 8: PNY XLR8 Memory Kit {WoW}

Dec 29th 2010 12:10PM omg! I sooooo need!