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Breakfast Topic: What could WoW borrow from console games? {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2011 1:06PM I nearly had a heart-attack when I read this WoW and "console games" in the same title. Read Gevlon's series of articles about this very topic just afew days ago:

Enhancement shaman itemization and the end boss effect {WoW}

Jun 9th 2011 11:13PM While my main is hunter, I played enhancement on a second toon and always feel a certain attachment for it. Right now I have a common plight though. I understand that sometime a certain class/spec may be screwed out of gear choices. But really, in an expansion that's supposed to be the shaman expansion, with crazed elements and primordial upheaval and everything, is shaman really the class you want to be screwing with? Archaeology was also an insult, with ancient treasures revealed, and shamans coming to the forefront of saving the world, and dwarves becoming shamans... there should have been an [Ancient Hammer of Fury This] or [Molten hammer of that], or at least some ancestral orcish axe from the good old days. And it's not like there's ever been a huge glut of agility weapons. And having weapons on the final bosses isn't true, every other spec can get a weapon from the very first bosses, which will be also the first bosses that drop on hard mode - those weapons end up beeing the workhorses of progression. I guess I'm pissed right now, 'cause in a raid that's about FIRE AND BRIMSTONE... there is still no proper gun for a dwarf to use. Damn

Scattered Shots: Survival hunter 101 {WoW}

Dec 27th 2010 8:58PM About Serpent Spread, I would say take both ranks. Add burn phases seems to be a favorite mechanic for Blizzard in both heroics and raids. Have you done Magmaw yet?

Scattered Shots: Moar heroics for hunters {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2010 4:44PM I also found that [harm] macros work, but not completely. It still autotargets and shoots sometimes. It seems that if you cast a cobra shot, and the mob dies while it's cast, when casting is done, it will autoselect something else and fire. Go to the dummy, cast cobrashot, while it's casting, deselect the dummy...

Another problem is the rightclick, which is also re-enabled by the removal of the autoattack option. I know what you'll say, but my reflexes are built in to use rightclick for mouse move and strafe, so I managed to ninja pull both Magmaw (hit box covers all the roomfloor), and the conclave, 5 seconds after the raid lead said to be carefull and not screw up the pull again...

I opened a ticket and they said it's inteneded behavior. I don't understand why Blizzard removed that option.