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Blood Sport: Drain Mana's removal and its impact on arena {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 8:49PM It's actually all being run by the industrial-military hegemony, in a bid to placate the masses by distributing digital fluoride through the series of tubes. By homogenizing the game, they control the universe.

Got to run, the helicopters are comi

Patch 4.0.6: Bloodlust's arena nerf {WoW}

Jan 7th 2011 8:54AM Speaking as a Frost mage, I don't really mind. Mages in particular have had less than a month to get used to it, so losing it again isn't so annoying. It does rankle, however, that our level 85 ability has been removed from a major area of the game. Possibly an alternative effect in arenas could be implemented - say the run speed buff we heard about in beta?

The Lawbringer: Glider's Neverending Story {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 9:05PM Oh, and in before the freetards outraged at the mere mention of copyright.

The Lawbringer: Glider's Neverending Story {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 9:01PM Correct, the DMCA is about preventing people from making copies of music, movies, games, etc, and about preventing people from possessing copies of aforementioned music, movies, etc, that they shouldn't legally own. The argument made was this:

In breaking the EULA, you render your copy of the game illegal. You have an illegal copy of the game, therefore that is copyright infringement.

The court felt that this was pushing logic a little bit too far, and so threw that case out.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 4: Landro's Gift Box {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 8:36PM Comments go here.