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How did you discover World of Warcraft? {WoW}

Apr 14th 2011 1:57AM I was a semi-pro FPS gamer at one point in my life and a lot of people left the FPS gaming world to go play WoW. For the longest time i thought wow was stupid and the devil because i lost a lot of good friends to it. Until one day I was in toys R us buying a video game for my xbox 360 when i noticed a free trial CD sitting on the cashier desk. It was .99 cents or something. I thought to myself ahhh what the heck ill give it a try.... That was 4 years a go been playing on and off ever since.

The Classifieds: Keep plugging away for guild recruitment {WoW}

Mar 24th 2011 11:50PM @richard

That is a great idea the problem is I am not even max level and do not have thousands of gold to dish out. Ugh blizz really needs to fix this because already I have wasted a lot of personal and in game time trying to recruit. I am really unsatisfied as a player right now. I am sure there are 100s out there like me as well.

The Classifieds: Keep plugging away for guild recruitment {WoW}

Mar 24th 2011 3:17AM Its so true its basically impossible to recruit any new members. I started a new guild sometime in february. Its a casual levelling and instancing guild for now until the time comes when people can raid. It currently consists of me, 4 or 5 of my alts, 2 long time wow friends and their alts and 1 member who signed my charter who for some reason is sticking with me for the long haul. I've been recruiting for over 3 weeks now. I've invested in the tabard, 3 bank tabs so far. I've built a guild website. Advertised on the recruitment forums and server forum as well as other wow related websites. I haven't had a single person contact me or even ask questions. It is getting to the point where i don't know what I could do to get new members. The guild is still level 1 and only at like 5% of the level with mostly me and 1 other guy contributing...Cataclysm and guild perks definitely have made it impossible for anyone to start a new guild.... If anyone has advice please help.