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Lichborne: A BlizzCon death knight wishlist {WoW}

Oct 19th 2011 6:36AM This will most likely get buried here, but....

Lately I've been feeling blizzard should stop trying to balance Frost and Unholy in PvE DPS/Damage and just have it so unholy is more pvp orientated and frost pve, as I think every DK can agree we've been on the biggest roller-coaster since our inception than any other class and would be nice to just get settled.

I mainly PvE and I use to ofc be Unholy and I loved it, but then the changes came and now Frost is top and I love it more than Unholy, I'd hate to every major patch have to swap between Frost and unholy. Whereas other class don't, Arcane will always be "top" damage for mages, priests will always be shadow, palas reti, hunters MM, and then swapping to Survial isn't as big of a play style change than frost to unholy.

Some people don't like the idea of a class having a "pvp" spec, but its not a matter of its being pure pvp its just a matter of not messing us around trying to balance it, right now its a beast in PvP, so in this sense each class has its' place. Ofc bliz might in 5.0 decide to make unholy our tanking spec -.-'

Patch 4.3: Rogue tier 13 is "Bat"man-inspired {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 12:59PM This reminded me of the top DK T10, not saying its a copy, or that this isn't an awesome set, just that it looks similar minus the helm and shoulder models, more of an overall colour texture thing.

Patch 4.3: Leveling 71-80 will be shorter {WoW}

Aug 30th 2011 11:44AM I don't play WoW to spend ages levelling, levelling is the worst part of the game, they should stop trying to make quests interesting, because levelling is just down right boring, and I feel no achievement just annoyance and grind.

If anything they should make it so if you have 2 lvl 85s you can just start of at lvl 55/60 like when you make a DK, but 1-50 is eZ, its 60-85 which is the mind numbingly boring part of the game.

I play WoW for end game content raiding, achie whoring, proffing, running old raids etc. People QQ about this taking away the RPG aspect, just go back at 85 and do all the quests, RPG to your heart's content.

When you start a new character, the goal is to be 85 and to 85 things, unlike maybe irl the journey is not interesting or fun, its all a waste, nothing you do matters. If they put in some character and class development points and quests along levelling that would give it some meaning. People want RPG then stuck some meaningful unchanging faction choices in, character model altering quests, even abilities for your class depending on what you do; because right now levelling is exactly the same regardless of what you are.

Just like before the shattering, theres only roughly two 1-60 leveling paths, then you've seen all the content.

Blizzard unveils patch 4.2 Dungeon Journal Preview {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2011 2:26PM and saying "just don't look at it" is stupid, if you're going for realm/world first you're not going to pass up the Journal, and one guy will look at, and you really think hes gonna sit there knowing wtf to do while everyone else is trying to figure it out and doing it wrong.

I like the concept of this, for ease of ability info, but not as soon as new content is released.

Though saying this, the hard core guilds have already killed everything on the PTR, and I'm pretty sure the journal doesn't contain HC mode info, I'm just saying what the hardcore PvE's point of view is.

Blizzard unveils patch 4.2 Dungeon Journal Preview {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2011 2:21PM guess you don't read the comments about this then, its that progressions guilds like Paragon etc enjoy finding out the tacs and abilities on their own, thats what they love. With this theres no competitive world or realm first as everyone knows the tacs right from the get go.

imo this should only have info on a boss after its been killed once per realm or at least by the top PvE competitive guilds. Because world first Chogal or Sinestra kill won't be as impressive if they didn't have to figure out the abilities etc on their own.

Know Your Lore: Sargeras and speculation on the next expansion {WoW}

Jun 14th 2011 7:20PM I believe Argus will defiantly be somewhere we can go and is where we should take the fight to Sargeras, but as others have said, he'll be the last boss of WoW, lvl 100 in 5/6 years. I tbh much prefer the old god lore, as they are the only super power beings on par with the titans, I'd rather see an old god/gods be the finale of WoW with their lore expanded on more.

As for there not being more of Outland there floating about, I ofc think there is is, just like we didn't know about Tol Barad or Twilight Highlands. I've seen WoW maps of OL by Bliz showing Deathwing's lair on a land mass behind the Dark Portal, there can easily be more.

On the topic of new class/race demon hunter ofc makes the most sense, but if it is the last expansion I doubt they'd make a new class to have balance and QQer shouting OP about. For races if it does go back to Outland Routes it won't be orgres they're too big and dumb, it'll be Erethrals AND YOU KNOW IT! and hopefully bliz will do what it should have done with the Goblins ignoring the silly "but the alliance ship happened to be there" lore and make them neutral race where you just pick a side. Which would ake more sense for goblins with the whole best deal I'll side with thing the Goblins would ofc enact.

Upcoming class balance hotfixes {WoW}

Feb 12th 2011 6:22AM I'm confused in this blue post I didn't see anywhere that said "we're going to undo the last hotfix changes to DKs which as made them unplayable in PvE".

Blizzard working on ways to improve dungeon finder {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 6:54PM Why do people always say people always say its the healer, in my experience its been due to the tank being made out of paper.

Most of the time its not that people havn't done it before, usually people will say nad be told and do fine, or wipe but then perfect it.

What happens usually for me is simply but... People are retards.
Countless times I've gotten players who choose be idiots, who know the taks but think they're better and can go against hem.

Then the you have the QQ idiots, just today the tank left because I wouldn't give him a dps ring I won and that I needed as an upgrade. Other times due to reason one people just being idiots someone will leave cuz of it, healer or tank doesn't mater then the person being retarded won't chose a role so we did for 5mins waiting for them to stop ruining the game, we could leave but if you're a DPS you know how long the queue time is, and in these situations its usually too early for a vote kick, or we've already had to vote kick his retarded friend.


A system to see if you have a brain, and to fix the deserter debuff, as I've found if you wipe once and you can see its gonna happen again and again as it wasn't due to teething issues you don't wanna stay, or if you've already kicked someone and still got idiots, or in the "I'm gonna be a bitch and not chose a role" situation.

The LFG system will be awesome if it simply puts the known game spoilers at the bottom of the queue.

I'm tired so this is long.

Make system to sense if people have a history of being retarded in instances and send them to back of queue freeing it up for people who can learn taks and wanna play.

Lichborne: Cataclysm pre-raid gear for death knight DPS {WoW}

Dec 28th 2010 9:42AM This seems to go against everything I have previously read for frost dps in general, regardless of 2h or dual another post on here said that haste is most important for either, also if we need not worry about haste then why do all frost dps me included use unholy presence purely for the haste boost.

I will follow this guide, but my point id even though its 1 stat haste replaced with strength thats a big change game play and gear/gem wise.