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Know Your Lore: Illidan {WoW}

Dec 29th 2010 11:18AM No Phort, no.
The LICH KING is an amalgamation of two other characters. Sure, independently, they are big stories. But no, they are not complex in the same fashion as Illidan. Ner'zhul is NOT Guldan, he was simply his teacher. Adding that stuff about teaching the guy who lead the Orcish Horde- is like anyone else drawing the argument that Illidan, equally impressive, inspired Malfurion Stormrage, his twin brother, to lead the NightElves to banish the demons from Azeroth, twice... Thats not straight lore, and its just not that kind of a ho-down.

Illidan, was over 10,000 years old. And instrumental in MANY parts of the lore. He was NEVER the bad guy, just as Cowfordflorida posted. He never betrayed his brother, at least not in his own eyes. Reread the story from a less biased position man. If there was EVER a story about how a man could take it all on the chin (no Deathwing pun intended), its Illidan.
If you have no idea what kind of duality Illidan goes about in his plans throughout the entire Warcraft series, you will think that he is simply The Betrayer and simply working for the Burning Legion with punchcard in-hand. That, is the BC lore that was presented to raiders. To make sense of us busting up in his joint and killing him.
If you think you got his story in the bag, check again, because you've probably missed a few things- I have typed this next part out for the last hour while editing it all out so I don't rant any further... But its 3am, I'm not going to do the work for you, go get the books, sit down and read, find out what it means for a Nightelf to become a Demon Hunter and for goodness sake; the guy was cut by the soul stealing blade... And spent the rest of his days awaiting fiery death which could come at any moment, only to be killed by the stalkerish warden of the barrow dens (where he spent 10 thousand years paying for pretty much granting Nightelves immortality) and us, a bunch of ill prepared misfits.

Whereas Arthas died after being strung up like a piƱata 1 shot by Tirion Fordring. (Yes I am aware of the technicalities of this)

Do you still want to make the argument that they don't "ruin" their own lore?