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Warglaive of Azzinoth dropped {WoW}

Jun 24th 2007 10:49PM @6
Hey Braniac, read the article. They're swords.

Police fatally taser gasoline-soaked suspect {Engadget}

Jun 22nd 2007 9:01AM "As we've reported before, tasers might not be as safe as their makers like to claim."

I gotta call you out on this one. It looks like you swayed yourself a bit to one side of this article. I don't see how you can blame a taser for the mans death when the electric shock didn't kill the man. It looks to me like a freak case that should make you go, hmm? and maybe chuckle a bit, but not anything to add to an argument for or against the use of tasers by police officers.

Shame on you Engadget.

Lego Batman developer hints at even more Lego titles {Joystiq}

Mar 30th 2007 12:24PM Indiana Jones---

Done and Done!

Joe Rogan banned from The Comedy Store {AOL TV}

Feb 15th 2007 4:59PM Joe's the man! Always have liked him and even though he's a complete nut, that doesn't believe in the moon landing. That was still some funny @ss Sh*T he pulled at the club!

Keep it up Crazy Joe Rogan!

So, how's it going? {WoW}

Jan 16th 2007 5:08AM Easy stuff, no problems here. Took about a half hour for everything to load, patch, etc.
Had a few problems on my server, Dark Iron. Things were freezing up. I'm guessing because of the MASS amount of Draeni Shammy's all over the place. Looks like it's going to be a big baby boom in alliance shammy land.

Bond with your (American) office mates through Call of Duty {Joystiq}

Dec 28th 2006 9:49AM Don't be a British Office Snob!

Sure it took off to a slow start, but the British office had one of the worst pilots of the season when it premiered.

If you're not watching this weekly, you're missing out.

This show is going to take home a ton of awards this year, you have to support TV like this so we don't get more Reality shows with old 80's Stars! You wouldn't want "So you want to be the next Screech?" Taking it's place on the line up.

So don't be a British Office snob!

Classic Superman Costumes in ... Kansas City? {Cinematical}

Sep 12th 2006 8:22AM I live right down the street from Clint's. I've been going there for my comic fanboy needs since I was a teenager. Very cool place, I hope this gets him some business.

New Lost season 3 promo - VIDEO {AOL TV}

Sep 12th 2006 12:00AM No Charlie? He's the first freakin character you see.

Lost: Two for the Road {AOL TV}

May 5th 2006 3:50PM Finally they bring up the Manuscript. I've been waiting for this. Check it out on Amazon. Sounds interesting...maybe Locke has a twin brother, thats EVIL!!!

The worst joke I've ever heard {AOL TV}

Mar 29th 2006 1:12PM Doesn't make any sense to you or the people that actually watch movies and read books more than once. I can't stand reading a book more than once. I feel like I already know whats going to happen. No mystery. So I'm w/ Jerry on this one.
Movies...same thing. The only movies i watch more than once are a few very dumb and thinkless movies like Super Troopers or Billy Madison. Not that I don't enjoy good movies, but it's like a ride. Once I know the ups and downs it's boring.

Plus the fact that there is way to much sh*t out there for me to start reading and watching things twice. I'm having a problem w/ watching and reading them once!

Think of me what you will but I bet I'm right up there w/ the majority of us.

We want books around to look smart.
We want movies around to look both smart and cool.