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The OverAchiever: Reconsidering achievements and raids {WoW}

Sep 11th 2011 11:48PM There's one dichotomy that seems to be ignored here.

* There will, and always has been, churn in experienced raiders.
* If normal is "too hard" for new raiders, they won't have the desire to progress through normal mode, let alone hard.
End result is a gradual but firm decline in raider numbers overall, and the rest of the game, as those players no longer have anything meaningful to do once hitting the level cap.

Yes there is a loss of experienced players; but there is a rather painful glass ceiling for new players. The switch from "able to run normal/heroic 5 mans" to raiding is rather profound. That the dungeon journal even exists is a damning indictment of this. That a person has to expend rather large amounts of time on reading websites, watching strat videos and the like is far more effort than casual players want in ... let's be honest... a game.

Basically, by trying to cater to the increasing skill levels of existing raiders, new players are largely cut off from entering raiding.

I put it to you, that worrying about the hardmode or not switches and so on, only satisfies a rather small proportion of the overall player base. Efforts spent on making raiding less complicated - or have strong methods for rapid up skilling of players within the game to raiding skill levels - would have a greater payoff for all raiders.

On the principal that criticism easy, solutions are hard: One possible solution would be to have per-player fudge factors within encounters.
Player X is inexperienced, stepping into a raid for the first time.
Player Z has downed this boss 5+ times, and completely cleared the previous tier multiple times.

So if X stands in a particular fire, they take mild amounts of damage and get rather large built-in-to-game ALERT: MOVE OUT OF THE FIRE.
If Z stands in the same fire, they take damage as per usual. And just the usual DBM/GTFO style alerts.

X doesn't wipe the raid through their inexperience, yet learns that standing in fire is bad.

Make that a sliding scale, and you end up with inexperienced raiders not being such a massive burden to the entire group; yet they get the thrill of a kill, and thus hooked on raiding.

Apply the same sliders to an entire raid (all 7 or 12 bosses or whatever), and as you progress from first down to Xth down, the fights *will* get harder and harder. You get a meta for downing at all, another meta for at "100%", and perhaps a 3rd meta for "GODMODE".

One advantage that I see here, is that this tweaking could continue to apply right through an entire tier. Sure you're now in full shiny purps from this tier, but we can keep tweaking the damage knobs that little bit more to keep you challenged while you're on 'farm'.
In a similar fashion to how gear makes content progressively more easy; multiple successes makes content progressively harder.

Officers' Quarters: Be kind to your tanks and healers {WoW}

Jan 4th 2011 4:05PM I'm not concerned about ignoring them forever. Just within a given instance. They can be rude to their hearts content then. I won't see it.

Officers' Quarters: Be kind to your tanks and healers {WoW}

Jan 4th 2011 12:44AM We do have an inbuilt to the game ability to deal with obnoxious and rude players: /ignore
Grab the ignoremore addon and ignore away to your hearts content.

Makes Trade chat almost pleasant remarkably quickly.

There is no point arguing with the buffoons and trolls. They'll simply drag you down to their level of stupid.

Or just drop group. But don't be rude and do it mid pull, that helps no one.