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The long and short of battlegrounds {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2006 8:50AM The longest AV i have ever been in lasted more than 24 hours.

I was in at the start of if on a saturday morning, logged off at about midnight, striaght 11 hours in there, survived on munchies, Ate dinner, showered went to sleep, woke up, 5am looged on signed up for AV ended up in the same AV I started in, and we finished later that day at around 5pm. it was Awsome.

Unlisted 2.0.1 changes {WoW}

Nov 16th 2006 11:46AM Frakin awsome changes to bank slots and stuff. it will help, but it is a little bit too late for a lot of us.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite and Least Favorite Zone {WoW}

Nov 15th 2006 9:13AM So much to hate and love about certain zones.

One of my favorites has become Ungoro crater. This is because of the endless farming you can do there and green is sort of pretty to look at. also, its the only place besides EP and WP that my paladin can safely kill things.

by far the worst place has to be STV. You spend 10 levels in the place, and if you get bored there, you have the exciting Desolace to go to, is there a place more aptly named? If the buzzards, Raptors, tigers, apes, roving pack of dogs, or the kodos don't kill you, the boredom of running through these zones will.

Runners up favorites: westfall, wintersprings,

Runners up Worst: Redridge, Duskwood (is there a place a person can die more)?

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