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Number 6 and the Village coming to a theater near you {AOL TV}

Aug 12th 2006 10:11PM You know i was just about to send a mail about the fact since i read it on a danish movie site.. I have never seen the prisonor but from what i can gather from the reviews of it on this site it sounds like a damm good show.. and everytime the reviews come up i think "Hmm i should buy this show" but i havent.. well this is as a good time as ever.. gonna go find my visa card!! :D

Things I Hate About TV: If you change leagues, your stats go to zero {AOL TV}

Aug 12th 2006 10:09PM Boo FREAKIN hoo.. how bout i HATE the fact that you call it "The World Series" though NO other contry except the USA gets to participate?! How bout you make it a real World series? and instead hold a USA Champsionship?

MTV2 cartoon attacked for racial insensitivity {AOL TV}

Aug 10th 2006 3:14AM 2.
Just what i was thinking! :D

Take a chill-pill.. i at least think its a pretty funny show!

The Barkers file for divorce {AOL TV}

Aug 9th 2006 1:12PM Well its on sunday afternoon here in DK, and i like seeing it as part of a hangover-sunday! :D
But im actuly suprised to see them split up.. if you go by the show you would think that everything was going great, and it looked like they where ment for each other!

Pam Beesley is blogging again {AOL TV}

Aug 4th 2006 11:13PM You know at first i dident really like the remake of it, but this summer one of my friends have made me watch it again and now im just in love with it!!.. its just as great as the brithsh version, if not better.. I cant wait for Mackenzie Crook, Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis to pop up ind the show, thats Gareth, Tim and Dawn if they play theire normale parts.. i hope they do cuz Gareth and Dwith together in one room would just be kickass!! :D

Kyle XY gets second season {AOL TV}

Aug 4th 2006 11:06PM 1# You know thats what i fell too.. it has stolen a lot from it, but you still escape that this show has brought a lot more to the plate then that show!!

Well whith the second season i guess we dont get to see where Kyle is from (or what he is) in season 1! ;D

The most popular TV show in the world {AOL TV}

Aug 1st 2006 4:36PM I like CSI Miami but i wouldent have guessed that it was in first place.. But sill here in Denmark i think its the one of the CSI's that gets the most air time in the best time slots..

The Five: Worst sports to watch on TV {AOL TV}

Jul 28th 2006 10:19AM Soccer?? come on!! How bout putting NFL-football up there instead? dont get me wrong i like the game.. i like it a lot.. but i dont really get why there has to be so little effictive game time!.. its like one 15 sec play and then 5 min of break..

Triumph poops on Comic Con {AOL TV}

Jul 25th 2006 6:52PM "The video is no longer available"

Alliance Shamans? Horde Paladins? {WoW}

Jul 21st 2006 2:05PM 4.
And i cant wait for you to realise that Shaman isent Easy-mode in pvp!!