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Arrested Development creator in talks for a movie {AOL TV}

Jul 10th 2006 9:26PM Would love to go and sit down at the cinema with a coke and a large tub of popcorn and enjoyn 1,5 hour of AD humor!!!
I say ROCK ON too!! :D

Son of Anna Nicole's ex-husband dies {AOL TV}

Jun 24th 2006 9:19PM At this point.. just give her the money!.. she slept with a 1000-year old man.. she deserves it!!.. And on top of that she has made herself pretty again!! :D

Creator of Rescue Me defends rape scene {AOL TV}

Jun 22nd 2006 8:30PM Well to me it dident really look like a rape.. just vary rough sex! But it was quite a shocker.. I thought they where gonna argue about when the thing with his brother started!..
And i can just say.. i enjoy the whole probie thing.. its seriously far out!! :D

Top Sites and Annoying Catchphrases: Entertainment Weekly in 60 seconds {AOL TV}

Jun 17th 2006 8:46PM TVsquad isent listed?? that must be a glitch!! :D

Letterman is better than Leno in every way (except ratings) {AOL TV}

Jun 16th 2006 8:30PM I think Letterman is WAYYYY better then Leno... He's way funnier and i actuly like the whole Lettermen-Paul thing they got going... and also theire crazy games and the other stuff they do before the guests come out is as good as it gets for me!! :D
Here in Denmark at the moment they are only showing Lettermen, becaus the rateings for Leno sucked so they cancled it!! :D

The Five: Best fake bands {AOL TV}

Jun 14th 2006 8:43AM #1 Ted's band on scrubs is actuly a real band called The Blanks!! :D

But what about DriveSHAFT? i think from what i have heard on Lost that they are pretty cool...

Paris Hilton's new video is lame {AOL TV}

Jun 7th 2006 11:26AM Yeah its pretty bad... but come on.. being famous for going partying every night an getting payed just to show up at a party.. who wouldent want that life? :D

The Five: Okay, now I get it {AOL TV}

May 23rd 2006 12:41PM You cant forget Freakazoid!! :D

Short-Lived Shows: Science Court {AOL TV}

May 21st 2006 12:33AM Freakazoid.. i still miss you.. cant wait for the DVDs if they ever come!!

The Amazing Race 9: 5 Continents...10 Countries...And More than 59 Thousand Miles! (finale) {AOL TV}

May 18th 2006 9:02PM 9: Heard about that movie about a week ago.. He also mentioned it in this episode.. well not the movie but that fact that he has walked from one end to the other! :D
Dident know it was on YouTube.. its fun how much stuff there is up there these days! :D