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Blizzard apologizes for anti-gay slurs at BlizzCon {Massively}

Oct 30th 2011 7:56PM I only play ally cause I started on a pvp server when u couldnt have horde and ally on a pvp server and so I got to know a bunch of ppl ally wise and no one horde wise. Otherwise, I'd faction change to horde as they seem to win in pvp in my battlegroup(bloodlust) the majority of the time(from my experience. As for the comments, I'm just not going to say anything negative or otherwise.

Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic earn awards at Paris Games Week 2011 {Massively}

Oct 27th 2011 10:12PM ah i was leaving out tera in my reasoning there. As I was TSW(The secret world), a new mmo from funcom(age of conan/anarchy online). Everything new is bringing something new to the table(other than tor which is basically just improving upon the past, unless u consider the story/companions as "new"). I can't make any sort of judgement call on tera as i haven't really paid much attention to it, though from what i've heard, i'm making a mistake in that.

Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic earn awards at Paris Games Week 2011 {Massively}

Oct 27th 2011 4:22PM Well, Here's how i see it: SW:TOR will be the more advanced version of wow that will be the most popular but still basically the same old thing, whereas GW2 will be the more advance(and likely more popular) version of age of conan. That is to say, a skill-based mmo with somewhat less popularity then the current reigning champ. I will be playing them both since one is btp and 1 is sub based, although I will prob play TOR more seeing as how:
A-I'm a huge Star Wars fan.
B-Not sure i'm ready for the huge change that is GW2
C-I don't like the idea of not having healers(they are my favorite role to play, especially in a pvp environment)
D-SW:TOR is a sub so i want to get my moneys worth.

BioWare talks Star Wars: The Old Republic vehicles and launches {Massively}

Jul 22nd 2011 6:17PM @JanChel You will not be able to choose the exact outfit you wear if you want to be good in combat no. However, you will not be in a "clown suit". There will be an option to match the color/appearance of your gear to the rest of it.

Why your (race) can't be a (class) {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 11:38AM They need undead pallys. It doesn't really make sense lore-wise but if u think about it a lot of pallys died fighting against the scourge and were raised as scourge even though they were immune to the ebon plague. Thus it is possible and likely that some of these had the willpower to break free of the lich kings grasp with Sylvanas. While the light has forsaken the undead anyone no matter what they are can use the light it will just hurt them to channel it hence holy/disc undead priests. "Sir Zeliek, a paladin in life, so strong in his faith, that even in undeath, the power of the light still heeds his call, smiting his foes in battle". I want my undead pally!

WoW Moviewatch: Dead and Loving It {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 10:19AM Am I the only one that thinks Sylvanas is hot?