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The Art of War(craft): Eye of the Storm rated battleground strategy {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 12:55AM Its great to see articles (and positive comments) on BG strategies. People seem to lose the war game mentality when playing in these environments. I am looking forward to finding a guild (or group) of players that want to take the time to formulate and execute good team play. I know the two are not akin, but I would expect a player not to do in a BG what you would do in a raid. Running around thinking you are going to save the day without help or as apart of the scheme (false attacks withstanding, as they are part of a strat) is how loses pile up in bgs. Even when I am in a lost bg (sometimes you are just out gunned or out maneuvered) I am glad to see teams sticking with a strategy mentality and not tossing out the ubiquitous "fail" or "noob", I think it builds better BG PVPers in the long run. Look forward to more articles on this topic, thanks C!