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All the World's a Stage: What's my motivation? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 1:55PM "Happily ever after" is something that should only ever happen in stories and movies, rather than in RP. A movie that actually plays up on this is Shrek 4. At the end of Shrek 3, the ogre has got the girl, had kids, saved the kingdom without getting stuck with the responsibility of being king, and lived happily ever after. At the start of Shrek 4, it goes through his infuriatingly boring repetitive everyday life, showing how he gets more and more disillusioned with it.

If you have a character that is ever going to have a "happily ever after" from their goals, you have to be ready to walk away from that character when you're done. Otherwise your RP will end up stagnant and stale. Like the last few seasons of Gilmore Girls.

The Queue: A ghost story {WoW}

Jan 20th 2011 2:01PM It might be that he's aware that he's a pawn of outside forces, but unable to fight it directly. Think about it. By blasting the hell out of Stormwind and Orgrimmar, he has pissed off both factions to such a degree that all of the most powerful adventurers in the world are chomping at the bit waiting for him to show his face so that they can gang up on him to take him down.

Why? Because he doesn't want to be a pawn. Maybe he's doing all of this so that he can draw attention to himself, either to get himself bumped off, rather than being a playing card for someone else's plans, or to get someone to make the connection to find out who is really pulling his strings. Maybe he is still a mastermind, it's just that we can't know why he's doing what he's doing until after the rest of the content goes up.

All the World's A Stage: So Sue me {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 11:41AM The problem with clumsiness as a flaw is that, inevitably, the Mary Sue RPer controls when it 'kicks in' so to speak. In a situation where it wouldn't matter, or would be fortuitous, it will go off all the time, like dropping something during a social RP in town, or tripping and falling during a fight at just the right moment to avoid an otherwise unavoidable attack. In a situation where the clumsiness would mean something, like during a 'fight for life' situation, or a chase scene, the flaw is always completely forgotten. This is, actually, the problem with typical Mary Sue flaws in general; most Mary Sue characters ignore whatever flaws they add in, unless the flaw benefits them in some way at that moment. Mary Sue isn't just in the character itself, it's in the execution of that character.

While it is alright if you are attractive, or are among the best in your field at something, or have done work directly with the major canon characters in the world (I mean, if you are level 85 without having taken and performed at least one quest that involves a faction leader, you've been questing in all the wrong zones) the problem arises when those background and cosmetic factors overshadow your character actually having a real personality. If after an RP, the only thing you remember about a character is that they are in the top percentile of Shadow Priests, they have item level 400 epic breasts, and that Sylvanas is their older sister, that is a Mary Sue. That same character is not a Mary Sue if you encounter them, and find that their lisping speech and outrageous conspiracy theories about the Argent Dawn are what you remember after the RP is over.