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Officers' Quarters: Speechless {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 4:11PM As stated, the reasons for not speaking in vent are not relevant...if she's an encounter lead, she needs to speak up...but otherwise, that shouldn't be an issue that can't easily be overcome with a /OOM macro, for instance. It's the attitude that needs to be the ultimate deciding factor there.

One of my raiders is deaf. There have been a few times when it created sub-optimal situations (on the fly changes in plans/instructions, communicating that she needs to interrupt because everyone else is on cooldown, etc), but usually this comes from a death, and the dead guy now has his hands free to type instructions.

However, overall, this raider goes out of her way to have good situational awareness and a solid understanding of the encounter's mechanics so that she can anticipate needs, and doesn't need to be told these things on the fly.

I feel like as much as it's on us to reasonably work around her disability (having someone type out instructions/assignments, rather than simply speak them in vent), it's also on her to do anything and everything in her power to not let it hold her (or us) back (like knowing those fights, coming prepared, and paying attention to what's happening around her).