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Patch 4.0.6 PTR patch notes updated {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 8:39AM Ok, for all the people who are talking about the heroic bosses, yes at lower gear they were tuned a bit high...but have you raided??

Most of the people who run heroics eventually want to raid...hence why they are farming JP and gear. How are people ever going to learn raid mechanics if they are all taken out of heroics? I personally am a tank in the primary raid group and then lead a 2nd raid group with my mage in my guild. We don't have enough people for the 2nd raid group everytime so sometimes I have to PuG a couple people. If someone has the gear for it I'm going to bring them and teach the fight, however I fully expect them to know how to interupt rotate, be constantly watching cast bars, be ready to move, use abilities to mitigate damage, etc. I shouldn't have to teach every class how to use their spells. Heroics can be tough with lower gear, agreed, but this only makes *better* players for those of us who raid. I've had some terrible heroic groups of people who just don't know how to play their class or have any idea what is going on, but with some coaching by one or another players *in heroics* they become a better player not only in that one heroic, but heroics later on and eventually in raids.

For those of you QQing about not having enough interupts and having a prot Paladin-my main is such-depending on how they are spec'd they have *2* interupts. Not one at a 40 second cooldown, but avenger's shield at a 15 second cooldown, less depending on the proc of Hammer of the Righteous and Crusader Strike. This is just one instance of a tank being able to do extra abilities(provided he/she can hold aggro in the first place) that can help a heroic or raid group succeed or fail. To all you tanks out there-take it upon yourself. Personally, even if it's a guild member, I don't trust DPS to interupt, I try to do it myself everytime, especially if one miss by them could mean a wipe.

Take the time to actually *learn* the game and what needs to be done...I'm kinda disappointed that bosses are already getting nerfed(yes some are getting buffed, but more are nerfed). For instance, Baron Ashenbury, if you have a healer that can dispell magic, only had 2 things to interupt to begin with-now one-as Pain and Suffering, when dispelled, stops his cast as well. Little things like this will make the average, or even below average, groups clear heroics and get the gear to make all dungeons trivial. Most everything is possible-without much issue-even at the base 329 ILevel required for heroics when groups have the correct mechanics.