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Addon Spotlight: ThinkTank sets you up for tanking fast {WoW}

Jun 10th 2011 9:23AM I have to second this. I only started tanking regularly in Cata after being too scared or feeling overwhelmed the one or two times I tried it previously. Now I'm main tanking in raids!

Tidy Plates / Threat Plates makes it easy mode to see what you have aggro on and what you don't. This is the single most important thing to stay on top of as a tank and it's easy with this addon.

The rest of it is just knowing your class. Interrupts, Taunts, AOE moves, what your highest thread attacks are etc. and the best way to learn is by doing and a little bit of research on the Internet. If you're are 85, get your ilvl up to 329 or so and tank REGULARS first. There will be plenty of room for error and you'll get to learn your rotation / priorities in a fairly stress free way.

Patch 4.1 hotfixes for April 26 {WoW}

Apr 27th 2011 10:09AM I got a tanking sword drop from ZG, but my armory hasn't updated! Says my main hand is empty, which it isn't, causing my ilvl to report as much lower than it should be :(

The Queue: Zul'Again {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 9:46AM I started tanking in the LFD at 15 and levelled exclusively that way to about 65 on 3 toons. A bear, a prot warrior and a pally. I have to say that tanking on these three are NOT equal. I'm doing prot pally now and it is EASY mode. There's 4 multi-mob attacks I can use. Bear tanking sucked with the cool down on swipe it was alot of tab targetting. Warrior tanking was ok, but still harder than pally tanking. Granted I haven't made it end game yet where maybe it changes. With all the douches in the LFD, I like playing a tank where it's easy to hold multi-mob threat. As bear I was chain feared in Sethhek Halls and got booted for being a bad tank. As a pally I get compliments on how good of a tank I am :)

Another huge tip, which makes my tanking even easier - Tidy Plates - Threat Plates addon. I consider it a must have, but again I like things easy.

Addon Spotlight: Reforgenator {WoW}

Jan 20th 2011 7:57PM Came across something weird. With verbose logging my desired hit rating is 601 and my current melee hit is shown as 205. However if I mouse over my melee hit stats in the character pane it says my hit rating is 641. I'm not sure why it continues to want me to reforge for hit or why it thinks I have a 205 melee hit rating when I don't see it that way in the character pane.